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Los Angeles, CA – (Dec 22, 2014): Saviynt is pleased to announce its APPLICATION SECURETM for SAP HANA has successfully completed validation as part of the SAP Startup Focus program.

“Saviynt solves a fundamental and growing problem for companies trying to secure data and access privileges in SAP HANA,” says Amit Saha, COO, Saviynt. “This validation from SAP Startup Focus is a very significant milestone for us and SAP HANA customers worldwide. It gives customers confidence in Saviynt’s innovative approach to protecting their SAP HANA BI and Enterprise deployments.”

The security model in SAP HANA is very different from that of traditional SAP applications. Given that enterprise, non-SAP applications, and end users will have direct access to all data in SAP HANA as a big data platform, it is critical to design and administer an effective security model. However, those familiar with the traditional SAP security model will face an uphill task in correctly designing to SAP HANA’s unique privilege model. The security challenge is extended as new data sources will be added over time to most HANA implementations. Saviynt recognized these challenges and built the first of its kind product to manage access governance for HANA, other critical enterprise applications, and cloud applications.

Saviynt’s APPLICATION SECURETM for SAP HANA simplifies privilege design and management by enabling users to define simple business and technical rules. The system then automatically converts those rules into different types of privileges (including dynamic analytical privileges, system, SQL, etc.) and SAP HANA roles to secure the different views, tables, and schemas. Role engineering & management is much quicker with Saviynt’s usage analytics as well as allowing for real enterprise roles to be defined. Saviynt not only provisions user accounts or assigns them roles but can also create, update or retire those roles and privileges automatically in SAP HANA.

“Saviynt uniquely integrated usage analytics and intelligence within Saviynt APPLICATION SECURETM,” says Atul Vig, Saviynt’s CTO. “Our product analyzes usage and audit logs from SAP HANA in near real-time to ensure data security and business rules are enforced at all times.  It provides a sophisticated remediation workbench to address business risks caused by inadequate role or rule management.  All these capabilities help cut implementation time by up to 60%.”

Saviynt’s participation in SAP Startup Focus program ensures that its solution continuously evolves to address security and compliance requirements for SAP HANA and other SAP ERP modules.

About Saviynt

Saviynt is the leading provider of data and access governance & intelligence solutions across Cloud, Critical Enterprise Applications, and Big Data platforms (e.g. Office 365, Workday, Box, SAP, Epic, SAP HANA, Hadoop, Oracle EBS, PeopleSoft, etc.) Saviynt combines application access management, usage analytics, data access governance, and security & compliance controls to secure enterprise applications & data assets.

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