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RingCentral Achieves Multi-App Integration in 4 Months

A global cloud-based communications company switches to Saviynt for rapid, cost-effective identity management after issues with a competitor’s implementation.


Systems Converged




Entitlements Secured

RingCentral is a global provider of enterprise cloud communications, video meetings, collaboration, and contact center solutions. Eighteen months into their deployment with a leading identity platform, they faced high costs and challenges due to the tool’s inability to integrate with critical applications and alleviate manual processes.  RingCentral decided to evaluate alternative vendors prior to their upcoming renewal date. After an extensive evaluation of several vendors, RingCentral chose Saviynt and successfully integrated multiple apps in only 4 months, automated the identity lifecycle for thousands of users, and saved their company significant time, money, and manpower.

The Opportunity

Lack of Integration Puts Transformation On Hold

As their subscription service with a leading identity provider approached its renewal date, RingCentral began to evaluate mounting challenges. Their existing solution could not integrate with their cloud-based support ticket software, which was essential to serving their customers. Its limited interoperability kept their Global Services Team inundated with manual processes, making role governance and access certifications impossible to scale.

In addition, each time RingCentral’s team needed to deploy new code on the back end, they had to seek approval from the solutions provider’s Professional Services team. The cost of ownership continued to rise as every call for product support—and every connector needed—incurred an upcharge.

RingCentral began searching for a SaaS tool that would be easier to configure and integrate with their service portal, deliver automated lifecycle visibility, and meet key compliance mandates—with a lower total cost of ownership. After considering leading solutions on the market, RingCentral was satisfied that Saviynt could deliver the features they had been missing.

The Solution

Say Goodbye to Manual Approvals

During implementation, the “lift and shift” motion away from the competitor’s solution to Saviynt’s cloud-native platform was seamless and straightforward; the hassle-free integration with their on-prem applications saved RingCentral significant time and cost. In four months, they successfully onboarded and configured multiple apps, including their service portal. They had pursued this milestone unsuccessfully with their previous tool for over two years. With Saviynt’s automatic provisioning, time-consuming approvals were finally a thing of the past.

RingCentral was able to deploy automated identity lifecycle management for thousands of users—from pre-hiring all the way through final termination—and reconcile thousands of active and inactive user accounts. Saviynt also helped

RingCentral create analytic reports with the right customizations, putting the company on target for its data security and compliance management goals.

Before Saviynt, RingCentral was running multiple processes with RPAs. Now, with most processes moved to Saviynt, configuration and updates within the app are vastly simplified. When code in the backend needs to be updated, the RingCentral team can customize it as needed and deploy it on their schedule—no permission or additional payment required.

Looking ahead, RingCentral anticipates onboarding hundreds of applications with Saviynt and further automating their service ticket portal to achieve even greater efficiency.

The Results

Saviynt outperformed leading identity competitors and empowered RingCentral to:


Integrate with their service desk portal and successfully onboard multiple apps in four months


Reduce process complexity and automate the identity lifecycle management for thousands of users


Reconcile thousands of active and inactive user accounts 


Unify visibility from one central platform


Position their infrastructure to successfully meet new compliance mandates


Deliver pricing transparency and reduced TCO


Launch two different types of user access reviews

"The solution RingCental was using prior to Saviynt needed custom coding or involvement with the vendor’s professional services team. With Saviynt, RingCentral was able to perform many of these previous complex actions through the Saviynt UI allowing us to go in directly, build the code, and deploy it ourselves.”

Simran Kaur

Senior IAM Administrator, RingCentral

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