Application Access Governance

Stop cross-application access
risks in their tracks

Get Smart About Secure Application Access

Rapid cloud adoption has introduced new challenges for IT and security teams to implement consistent, compliant Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) processes across all cloud and on-premises applications.

Saviynt’s Application Access Governance (AAG) solution provides a preventive and detective SoD analysis capability, and out-of-the-box rulesets to provide a granular view of application risk to help maintain audit readiness with continuous compliance across applications like SAP, Workday, Oracle, and other SaaS and on-premise applications.

Protect Against Insider Fraud

Every application has its own security model to protect privileged and sensitive data and that’s the challenge. Your organization needs consolidated visibility across all applications to highlight cross-application control violations, quickly identify access risks, and apply automated and manual remediation to stop them in their tracks. Saviynt AAG usage analytics helps you know what has actually happened versus what could potentially happen.

Simplify Risk Analysis and
See the Whole Picture

Get granular visibility into complex application security models
Mitigate Risk
Across Applications

Reduce segregation of duties (SoD) risks with out-of-the-box risk & security controls

Manage Real-time
Emergency Access

Use Break-the-Glass provisioning capabilities to control temporary access & continually monitor access

Guide Decisions
with Insights

Bring critical risks forward for remediation & optimize your security team’s workload

Deploy Cloud-First
Application Access

Guard enterprise apps with cloud-architecture in ways that legacy systems can’t

Control Access to
Limit Risks

Utilize risk-aware certifications, license management, and alerts on risky requests

Ensure Audit-Ready Cross-Application Compliance

Manage multiple applications and give compliance managers the reports they need

Is Application Access Putting Your Org at Risk?

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“Saviynt is not limited to SAP environments, but delivers services for a broad range of target systems, plus comprehensive IGA capabilities.”

– KuppingerCole Leadership Compass Access Control Solutions


Leave No Application Behind

Go All in Zero Trust

Go All-in on Zero Trust

Provide least privilege application access and support multiple security models
  • Assign just the right amount of access to critical systems or sensitive data
  • Eliminate standing privileges to protect against account take over
  • Take advantage of deep granular access to apply risk-based analysis

Cloud-Native Security for Cloud and On-Prem Applications

Unify security policies across applications, workloads, and identities with a single cloud-native platform.
  • Bring identity management and application GRC under one roof
  • Prioritize critical risks for remediation using advanced usage analytics
  • Align security policies across apps, devices, and operating platforms

Visibility You’ve Been Waiting For

Understand risks across your application ecosystem with deep visibility and intelligent insights.
  • Gain granular visibility into user access and activity and see actual versus potential violations
  • Provide internal auditors and risk & compliance managers comprehensive visibility and reporting
  • Understand current application roles and simplify role definition

Controls That Put You in the Driver’s Seat

Control emergency access and monitor privileged activity to reduce your organization’s attack surface.
  • Securely manage user accounts with elevated permissions to critical resources and sensitive data
  • Enhance role management with real-time what-if analysis
  • Provide emergency access, monitor actions, and remove access quickly
  • Comply with regulations like SOX, HIPAA, PCI DSS, GLBA, ISO 27002, FISMA, CMMC, and others

Automation Makes Life Easier

Remove residual application access and eliminate orphan accounts with automated remediation.
  • Automate time-bound access and remove access at expiration
  • Ensure no standing privileges get left behind and eliminate orphan accounts
  • Get intelligent risk and remediation alerts about certifications, license management, and risky requests

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Customers Share Their Stories

The world’s largest organizations trust Saviynt to protect their privileged accounts from cybercriminals and data breaches.


Saviynt delivered a comprehensive identity access and management solution for Wienerberger’s 17,000 employees, replacing overlapping systems with a single integrated approach.

Origin Energy found Saviynt reduced birthright provisioning from ten days to 24 hours, automated provisioning to their core applications, automated attestation approvals, and reviews, and eliminated manual spreadsheet analysis.

Why Saviynt?

Saviynt is your partner for countering the growing sophistication of hackers, data thieves, and cybercriminals. Since our founding in 2015, we’ve been the industry leader in identity management and data governance solutions, as recognized by authorities like Forrester and KuppingerCole. Our mission has remained the same over the years: to protect enterprises from cybersecurity threats. We do this by offering intelligent, cloud-first, secure application access that enables employees and stakeholders to use apps seamlessly – while maintaining high levels of security and privacy.

Application Access Governance: FAQs

Application access governance are the processes and procedures a company implements to manage and monitor the access that employees, contractors, partners, and third-party service providers have to its applications..

The goal of an application access governance system is to ensure that only authorized individuals have access to specific applications and data. It grants these privileges based on the person’s job responsibilities, level of authority, risk factors, and other relevant criteria.

Implementing application user access management requires a collection of tools and technologies working together. This includes authentication and authorization protocols, data protection technology like encryption, identity and access management (IAM) platforms, and periodic access review.

Application access management is critical because it allows businesses greater control over their applications’ use.

Unrestricted application access can be a significant security risk for companies, increasing the chance that malicious users will access sensitive data or perform illegal actions. Without this safeguard, it becomes easy for hackers to install and execute malware in the system.

An application governance model can prevent this by limiting access to only pre-approved software and data. Such access can only be granted based on criteria like role or risk profile and can be easily revoked if suspicious activity is detected.

One of the key benefits of application access governance is enhanced application and data security. By controlling who has access to what app, businesses can reduce the risk of data breaches, cyberattacks, and other security threats.

These solutions also improve efficiency, ensuring employees have the right level of access to the right applications and data for the right amount of time. And, by reducing the likelihood of data breaches, access governance solutions can help prevent data recovery fees, penalties, and lawsuits. Furthermore, limiting access means you can reduce software license fees and subscription costs (in the case of SaaS).

Another benefit is compliance. Many businesses are mandated by data regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Access governance can help organizations comply with these by ensuring that sensitive data is restricted only to those authorized to access it.

But the best benefit of all is an improved reputation. Access governance helps prevent breaches that could damage consumer faith, leading to decreased revenue. Access governance also demonstrates to stakeholders that you take data security seriously.

There are a few common stumbling blocks to implementing an effective application security model.
The chief challenge is a lack of visibility. Organizations might not always have a clear line of sight into who has access to what applications and data.

Another is complexity, as access governance involves multiple technologies, policies, and procedures that must work seamlessly. Designing an effective access governanceplan for larger organizations can be especially tricky.

Finally, user management. Ensuring people can use the applications they need for their job while limiting unnecessary access is a complex balancing act.

The good news is that you can mitigate most of these challenges with the proper application access governance program.

Access governance starts with a clear policy outlining access control requirements for all applications and data. This policy should then be communicated to all employees and stakeholders.

Once a policy is in place, you can use role-based access control (RBAC) to implement it. This allows you to assign people specific roles, giving them access to relevant resources. The approach can simplify access management and reduce the risk of errors.

You should also automate access provisioning and de-provisioning to update access when the user is onboarded or when they leave. This reduces the risk of orphaned accounts that attackers can easily compromise.

Finally, you should provide training and education to your employees. Explain the importance of access governance and how they could comply with relevant policies and procedures.

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