Unify IGA and Third-Party Access with Saviynt Enterprise Identity Cloud

Lower Costs, Increase Efficiencies, and Maintain Continuous Compliance

Managing identities in today’s cloud-first world is challenging. Workforces are more distributed, mobile, and access information from an ever-changing array of locations and devices. Additionally, third parties and SaaS-based solutions have become an integral part of business ecosystems and often require access to the same organizational resources as internal identities, including shared tools, applications, and data sets. Third parties also bring their own set of challenges to identity management, forcing identity and security teams to manage disparate platforms.

With Saviynt Enterprise Identity Cloud (EIC), you can:

  • Simplify deployment and management
  • Streamline and enable continuous compliance
  • Streamline decisions by making identity intelligent
  • Expedite certifications
  • Reduce risk with advanced analytics
  • Enhance user experience

Saviynt EIC unifies internal and third-party identity management across all environments (on-premises, hybrid, and cloud) to lower costs, increase efficiencies, and maintain continuous compliance.

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