Taking next-generation risk-aware identity governance to the cloud

Persistent is a global solutions company delivering digital business acceleration and enterprise modernization for businesses across industries and geographies. Identity governance is radically evolving as complexity grows, security risks are on the rise, and regulatory mandates evolve quickly. Saviynt’s solution automates identity governance administration on premise or in the cloud. 

Together, Persistent and Saviynt address the challenge enterprise customers face managing access to critical applications and infrastructure by accelerating legacy IGA migration to Saviynt. Persistent-developed UNITY (an IGA modernization framework) generates a current-state assessment report in minutes followed by speeding up migration to Saviynt by 2x over migrating manually, while minimizing efforts and cost by 50% or more.

Saviynt’s VP Business Development, Keith Mozena, shares how Saviynt, a common platform for next generation identity governance, fits into Persistent’s digital mosaic, helping organizations manage their digital transformation while reducing access risks and improving data access governance.

Accelerate adoption of Saviynt’s next-generation intelligent identity governance solution with Persistent’s IP-led approach using UNITY. It automates tedious tasks and processes, significantly reducing operational efforts, cost, and project timelines.

Partner with us and eliminate the fear of the unknown with actionable insights and end-to-end implementation.

Webinar: As organizations move their applications and infrastructure to the cloud, they need to adopt a modern Identity Governance platform that can support next-gen architecture as well as manage identity and access-related security risks. View this webinar to learn about Persistent’s approach to assessment and automation to Saviynt, and how it significantly reduces costs, timelines and risk.

Watch this video to see how Persistent takes the risk out of identity modernization by assessing legacy identity systems and deploying automation that accelerates the transition to Saviynt’s modern solution. View detailed assessment reports, gain valuable insights, and accelerate your migration to a powerful, centralized identity platform.

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