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Apparel Giant Enhances Identity Security
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Accelerating Efficiency Through Saviynt



Identities Managed

Review Cycles Performed Per Year

Applications Migrated in 18 Months

The Opportunity

A Legacy System Impeding Business Progress

One of the world’s largest apparel, footwear, and accessories companies found itself hitting a wall, unable to improve customer satisfaction with its legacy identity solution. The apparel corporation’s existing identity ecosystem, Oracle Identity Manager (OIM), had too many manual processes, placing high dependencies on a partner team to perform daily operational changes, and relied on significant customizations that were difficult to maintain. Additionally, OIM had a negative impact on the corporation’s internal users, impacting their ability to support all of their various brands. These harmful results not only hurt customer satisfaction and business decisions, but also caused management headaches, compliance challenges, and increased costs.

To have a modern, centralized identity security program, the apparel corporation needed a revolutionary SaaS solution, leveraging out-of-the-box (OOTB) features, with implementation fully supported by the vendor. They searched for a tool that could seamlessly and directly connect to other applications with little customization. The corporation ultimately partnered with Saviynt after evaluating multiple products and businesses. They chose Saviynt because of their technical capabilities and strong relationship.

The Solution

Accelerating Efficiency Through Saviynt 

The apparel corporation leaned on Saviynt’s standardized implementation approach. With the corporation’s deficiency in mind, Saviynt suggested a mature migration path with automation for seamless integration, birthright provisioning, and comprehensive control reporting. 

With a vast application landscape, including Workday, Active Directory, Entra ID (Groups), Salesforce, and more, the apparel corporation needed a streamlined approach to integrate their applications with their new solution.  Saviynt’s team started by helping the corporation establish a strong foundation within the Identity Cloud framework. This opportunity paved the way for application acceleration during the onboarding process. To further enhance its overall operational efficiency, the apparel corporation leveraged the benefits of Saviynt's out-of-the-box (OOTB) features such as Connector, Role Management, Control Reports, Request Forms, Service Accounts, and more. 

The Results

Seamless change management played a key role in this transformation. The transition of the apparel corporation’s identity governance and administration (IGA) landscape from Oracle to Saviynt was accomplished in record time. Compared with previous tools the corporation relied on, the project migration plan took 18 months to migrate 230 applications, which wouldn’t have been possible with OIM. 

The reports and functions available in Saviynt effectively satisfied numerous compliance and regulatory requirements. The apparel corporation was successfully able to get on track to fulfill its digital identity vision. 

"Our legacy platform was manual, labor intensive, and a burden to maintain. Saviynt supported our move to the cloud and delivered a single, centralized identity and access platform serving all of our 12 brands."

Bashira Baset

Director of Identity Management at VF Corporation

The Lessons Learned

Post-implementation, the apparel corporation quickly realized that Saviynt’s support helped them become more nimble, more secure, and dramatically save on costs. This revelation provides the corporation with valuable insights. The first is that it will always look for a stable and converged solution that offers comprehensive cloud-native IGA capabilities, including automated provisioning, role-based access control (RBAC), and continuous compliance monitoring, ensuring a robust governance framework in the cloud. 

Additionally, from a governance perspective, the apparel corporation realized that seeking intelligent analytics that provides valuable visibility into access entitlements, user behavior, and risk posture, enables proactive risk mitigation and compliance enforcement. Leveraging OOTB features such as role management, control reports, and integration with leading cloud platforms to streamline governance processes help achieve scalability and agility in their cloud adoption journey.

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