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Food Giant Takes
a Fresh Approach to Identity

Freed From On-Premise Slow-Downs, Company Sails Through Audit Prep and Sees 69% Reduction In Tickets



Entitlements Streamlined via automation


Reduction in IT tickets opened per month

The Opportunity

Founded over a century ago, the US-based company is a globally recognized name that employs thousands of workers in North America and nets over $8B in revenue. For generations, the company has made food that is delicious, affordable, and prepared with care—food that people love. In 2017, the New England-based company wanted to untether from its slowly-acquired collection of disparate IT and security systems and shift to the cloud. Its existing identity tool was more of a workflow engine than a true identity tool. The patchwork of legacy systems lived in on-prem data centers and was driving up costs and complexity. Not only had this become a barrier to modernization, it left them vulnerable to emerging threats.

The Solution

Digital Transformation Demands Modern Systems

During COVID-19, the company faced significant disruptions, as well as the divestiture of five companies and the acquisition of another—all while transitioning to a new HR system. 

With operations both contracting and expanding—and thousands of users off- and onboarding at once–-the old legacy tool further complicated processes and added to their security challenges.

They needed a solution that could scale up and down with fluctuating market demands and securely transition their workforce into hybrid and remote work.  It was time for a cloud-native platform that would simplify a wide range of intricate operations, maximize technology spend, and reduce risk exposure.

With Saviynt’s born-in-the-cloud Identity Governance and Administration (IGA), the company modernized business processes, moved closer to zero trust, and nimbly scaled operations—all from one user-friendly pane of glass.

The Lessons Learned


Shift the security mindset to achieve your goals

Moving closer to a zero trust model required shifting the security culture: identity would be the new security perimeter rather than the physical building. To transition successfully amid periods of acquisition and divestiture, company needed an identity partner with proven leadership and a cloud innovation track record.


Harness automation to reduce workloads and increase visibility

Holistic visibility into all facets of risk, including access outside defined processes, requires automating provisioning capabilities to eliminate manual, time-consuming processes that weigh
down IT teams.


Build mission-critical integrations intoyour roadmap

Implementing user access reviews and fine-grained report automation across critical applications—including Workday, Azure AD, Okta, and Ariba—
 vastly simplified bi-annual access certifications 
 and continuous controls monitoring.


Streamline role entitlements to preventaccess risks

To seamlessly track user access and prevent orphaned accounts, IT teams streamlined the management of 535 roles and over 112,000 entitlements during the divestiture and 
 acquisition process.

The Results

Saviynt IGA provided the company with a single pane of glass and one point of visibility over its identity and access management system. With overhauled operations, increased support, and optimized cloud and IT infrastructure, the company experienced a 69% reduction in tickets opened per month, and a 28% improvement in average resolution time. Automated report generation helped them prove governance, demonstrate key performance indicators, and verify their policy effectiveness—and pass audits with flying colors. Moving forward, they plan to onboard more applications, expand automation and integrations, and increase separation of duties controls.

"One of the most important requirements for our company was finding a cloud-native innovator with a long view—not just any vendor doing the same old, same old. Saviynt was prepared to bring us into the future."

Ronald Monette

Application Manager, Security Services, Project Manager for IAM Modernization and Governance, University of Ottawa

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