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Iconic Beverage Brand Distills Complex Ecosystem into One Platform That Users Love

With Saviynt, one of the world’s largest brands sees 30% reduction in Active Directory risks—at a fraction of the TCO of point solutions


EIGA users across 40 apps (onboarded in 9 months)


Reduction in Active Directory risk


Tasks managed

The Opportunity

Extensive upgrades and maintenance costs are hard to swallow

One of the world’s oldest and largest beverage companies with customers in almost every country around the globe needed to improve the user experience for thousands of employees, mitigate cyber risk, and accelerate progress towards Zero Trust. It needed a converged identity solution that would free the iconic brand from expensive upgrades, hefty licensing costs,  and burdensome maintenance.

The company’s existing identity governance and administration (IGA) platform would have required extensive customization to support automation and to deliver a risk-based approach to identity management. This meant heavy investments in additional point products, infrastructure, and compensating controls to integrate key applications like SAP HANA to enforce separation of duties (SoD) throughout the joiner-mover-leaver lifecycle.

The beverage brand needed an intelligent enterprise solution that could achieve its vision, align with core Zero Trust principles, and deliver rapid time to value.

The Solution

A solution that pairs beautifully with every application

Extremely extensible and configurable, Saviynt IGA could readily be configured to fit the company’s existing applications—with no need for custom coding. As an adaptive and intelligent platform, Saviynt could deliver the right level of access to employees in a wide variety of different roles and groups. The beverage giant was able to evolve its joiner-mover-leaver processes to ensure that new hires had access to the appropriate resources from their first day on the job, while eliminating unnecessary access.

The converged approach cleared the way for additional features, including cloud privileged access management (CPAM) and application access governance (AAG), reducing labor and licensing costs while streamlining the audit process. With granular control and robust analytics, the company improved its ability to enforce consistent policies across brands, geographies, and user groups—at a fraction of the total cost of ownership (TCO) of multiple point solutions.

Because Saviynt Enterprise Identity Cloud works across on-premises applications as well as software running in multiple clouds, the company could build over 400,000 process automations for a broad range of identity lifecycle tasks ranging from account creation to deprovisioning. With a vast library of native integrations, the company’s security teams say they have yet to find an app they can’t integrate with Saviynt.

The Results

“Flexible, configurable, and easy to work with.”

The company was able to improve audit readiness and reduce standing privileges for more than 7,000 users and approximately 40 applications. Not only has the security and identity team been able to build custom-tailored rule sets that account for the unique needs of manufacturing and knowledge workers, but they’ve also been able to streamline the process of integrating new applications into the platform, equipping teams to seamlessly expand the implementation as their competencies grow.

The beverage brand also experienced a seamless migration to Saviynt Enterprise Identity Cloud (EIC) which it described as “technically well-executed” and a “significant increase in the velocity of features we’d like to have.” 

Lessons Learned


Choose configurability over customization. 

Because Saviynt is highly extensible and configurable, it’s possible to design and build technical rules that are tailored to the unique needs of your workforce—without needing to invest in custom development.


Your Zero Trust journey begins here.

The more you understand your identity ecosystem, the closer you are to aligning with Zero Trust. Saviynt IGA can pave the way by gathering extensive metadata on user attributes so you can identify and eliminate stale accounts and standing privileges.


Make security an enabler for better employee experience, not a roadblock.

If technical debt and complexity is your pain point,  modern converged solutions are easier to work with, can streamline processes, and lead to happier users—who are freed up to focus on more pressing security concerns.

"Saviynt made it possible for us to make progress towards eliminating standing privileges while centralizing identity management within an intelligent, adaptive platform. This way, we’re enhancing our cyber resilience as a company, all while ensuring that employees have the right access to the right resources from day one on the job, which is essential for us to maintain our competitive advantage in a fast-paced marketplace."

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