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Global Finserv Saves 30% With Access Provisioning Transformation

From weeks to days: financial solution provider optimizes compliance and user XP with 40% faster IGA processes.


Cost reduction



The Opportunity

Manual Access Requests: A Barrier to Modernization

After a period of strategic acquisition and organic growth, a leading provider of insurance products and solutions needed to alleviate time-consuming manual processes required 
to manage its identity lifecycle. The outdated processes it relied on proved to be overly complex, error-prone, time-consuming, 
and were unable to keep pace with its cloud-based infrastructure.

In addition to the time drain, it needed a tool with continuous controls monitoring that could achieve compliance with key regulations like SOX and HIPAA and lower the cost of access management for its most frequently requested apps. And, with thousands of employees throughout North America, the United Kingdom, and Europe, it needed a more intelligent, intuitive and easy-to-use Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) hub that could integrate seamlessly with its applications and remove the friction from user experience.

In Saviynt, the company found a next-gen cloud-based IGA solution that could flexibly align with its on-prem infrastructure, help it keep up with new business growth and demand, and support the company’s cloud-based vision.

The Solution

One Core Engine For All Processes Across All Regions

With Saviynt IGA, the financial services giant was able to deploy one solution for all users across 
all segments. A purpose-built onboarding page for managers allowed users to easily generate 
a ticket in its Fresh Service application and leverage self-service features, streamlining the management of both the employee and contractor identity lifecycle. 
In addition, it can now meet time-sensitive requirements for 
access certifications, improving productivity and reducing administrative overhead.

With Saviynt IGA, the company was not only able to mature and streamline audit and compliance activities, it was able to automate monitoring and remediation 
to ensure continuous internal oversight across complex on-premises, hybrid, and cloud-
based IT ecosystems.

The. Results

A new solid foundation for identity governance has empowered the financial solutions company to


Automate app migration from existing access request systems to Saviynt


Improve SOX compliance to support further business growth and acquisition


30% lower overall cost with application workflows that can solve multiple challenges at once and meet different levels of approvals


40% faster provisioning, de-provisioning, attestation, and certification


Scale digital transformation and
accelerate cloud initiatives

"Centralized and simplified identity lifecycle processes delivered greater cost savings, efficiency, and a vastly improved user experience."

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