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Fabric Company Secures Scalable, SOX-Compliant Access in Six Months

Saviynt’s end-to-end identity governance fast-tracked onboarding, accelerated audit prep, and saved $240K in the first year


Users with secure, automated access

High-priority applications connected


Saved annually

A leading fabric and craft specialty retailer with almost 1000  stores throughout the US and a global customer base spanning over 50 countries turned to Saviynt for help eliminating labor-intensive identity management processes that couldn’t scale, hindered productivity, and slowed compliance efforts.

The Opportunity

Spinning Wheels (Not Threads) With Manual Identity Management

As a growing, publicly-owned company, compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) was one of the fabric company’s top priorities. SOX regulations require strict controls over where sensitive data is stored, who has access to it—and why. The retailer’s slow, manual or semi-automated processes for audit reporting, access certifications, and script maintenance left gaps in compliance. In addition, seasonal hiring spikes bogged down already complex access provisioning. New user onboarding could take over three days to complete, preventing employees from doing their jobs from day one.

The company needed a platform that could automate access lifecycles, deliver better control over data access, and help the company stay ahead of SOX regulations. After narrowing the field to two leading identity providers, it chose Saviynt’s automated, centralized identity platform.

The Solution

Efficiency is the Fabric of Saviynt

Working in lockstep with Saviynt and its partner, the company implemented a leading-edge cloud-based Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) solution with Saviynt’s Enterprise Identity Cloud (EIC). According to the company, what set Saviynt apart from leading vendors was its superior app integrations, a unified multi-solution platform, and a talented, humble team that consistently put relationships first. 

The Results

During phase one, EIC enabled the fabric company to:


Sunset manual scripts, legacy tools, and manual processes


Reduced the number of manual access provisioning tickets


Centralize identity warehouse from its HR user data system


Rapidly scale new user onboarding during high seasonal employee turnover


Improve SOX compliance


Drive $240K in annual saving with new operational efficiencies

The Next Steps

Track Access, Tame Threats

With Saviynt’s EIC, the fabric company laid a solid foundation to continue expanding its identity security roadmap, including automating access certification and reporting. The company also plans to continue onboarding more SOX applications for automated access provisioning, scaling the RBAC model using Saviynt’s Enterprise Roles, and leveraging Saviynt’s Application Access Governance (AAG) module.

As it looks to the future, it is well-equipped with a more secure, compliant, and efficient platform –backed by a partnership that understands its vision.

"Saviynt’s customer-first approach built trust from the VP level downwards. Positive analyst feedback sets them apart as industry leaders."

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