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Caverion* Gives Users Secure Access – fast and efficient

How a leading European technical service and installation company modernized access control and embraced zero trust


The Opportunity

Caverion is a technical service and installation provider that plays a pivotal role in maintaining and supporting buildings, critical infrastructure, and energy needs across the Nordics and Central Europe. With a workforce 15,000 strong, Caverion offers advisory services, project management, technical maintenance, and design and engineering—all dedicated to driving efficiency, modernization, and sustainability throughout the region. In the pursuit of even greater innovation, Caverion needed to address urgent challenges in identity security. The company’s reliance on its outdated Microsoft Identity Manager solution for identity lifecycle management was a burden. While access requests were fragmented and manual, relying heavily on knowledge base articles and service desk interventions. This was time-consuming and costly. Caverion sought to decommission the obsolete system in favor of a more scalable, centralized identity security platform that could streamline access requests, improve governance, and support the company’s transition toward a zero trust architecture. To do that, Sebastian Stauber, Service Owner, Identity and Access Management at Caverion, turned to Saviynt. “We chose Saviynt because it offered superior capabilities in application access governance,” he said. “It had the potential to significantly reduce our manual processes.”

The Solution

The switch to Saviynt marked a significant milestone in operational efficiency for Caverion. Before, change and access requests were completely manual. End users had to generate tickets, wait for review, and hope access was correct. Now, they can request it themselves in a few clicks. As new employees are onboarded, their accounts can be set up and ready to run from day one.

“It’s a massive cultural shift,” says Stauber. “We rely on so many applications. Every day, we would get so many access requests. Now, it’s automated for most priority applications, and we are continuously onboarding more complex ones.”

Caverion also achieved a clear, centralized source of truth for access rights and user activities. Its employees rely on dashboards in Microsoft Power BI to generate finance, strategy, and business development reports. This involves multiple, complex access layers to different security levels—all stored in the Microsoft Dataverse.

With Saviynt and its partner Nixu, Caverion mirrored the database into Saviynt, modeled the request form, and added right-time, right-level access. Users can request permissions to see the reports they need to do their job. Saviynt helps them to filter for what they need, while the approval process is facilitated automatically.

“This level of modernization is quite special,” Stauber adds. “I don’t think many companies have anything like this implemented.”


* Caverion Corporation and Assemblin Group combined in April 2024 to form Assemblin Caverion Group.

sab"Before, we couldn't really trust user identities. Thousands of accounts had privileged access with no clear visibility into usage or ownership. Saviynt helped us begin to mitigate privilege creep, and establish right-sized access from day one. We were also impressed with Nixu's deep expertise, which enabled us to maximise the benefits of the Saviynt platform. Now, we're one step closer in our journey towards zero trust"

Sebastian Stauber

Service Owner, Identity and Access Management, Caverion

The Results

Saviynt’s centralized governance model helped Caverion achieve key milestones, including:


Streamlined access control

a comprehensive application catalog, and the decommissioning of a cumbersome identity management platform.


Automated birthright access

that grants access to new joiners to make them productive from the start.


Relief from manual workloads

by shifting from a ticket dependent model to a self-service approach.

"Despite the ambitious goals that Caverion had set, we were able to achieve the desired outcome within budget. High customer involvement, quick decision making by Sebastian together with the excellent collaboration between Sebastian and the Nixu team, were key factors in our joint success.”

Miska Laakkonen

Head of IGA and PAM Business at Nixu, a DNV Company

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