Ep. 06 Empathy as a Service (Part 1)

with Steve Zalewski

It’s easy to get stuck thinking of cybersecurity as a cost of doing business. And at the board level, stances can range from all-in to accepting the baseline. By proactively understanding every arm of the company, CISOs can build universal value — and make their mission undeniable.

For CISO and international advisor Steve Zalewski, empathy and perspective are the foundation for success. Everyone has their role. Every org has its roadmap. And for many outside the IT space, what’s best from a security standpoint isn’t always what’s best for the overall operation.

“I’m not necessarily able to tell you how to change your business processes…I have to [surface] a common understanding of a problem that we both have to be the solution for.”

“The ultimate CISO is there to enable the business. Every investment has got to demonstrate that a dollar spent on security is not better spent on marketing.”

In this two-part deep dive with Zero Fluff, Steve puts a powerfully simple spin on security leadership: Connect with people at their core. Because beyond protecting data, there are unrealized opportunities to drive growth.

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