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When you’re exploring the cloud, it’s natural to get lost in the fluff. But beyond the buzzwords and frameworks, digital decision-makers are impacting every corner of our world. And where there’s opportunity for innovation, there’s risk of vulnerability.

Follow host Erin Duncan and guests as they decode data security, unpack the ethics of IT, and navigate the current cloud landscape.

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Featured Episode

06Empathy as a Service
(Part 2)

with Steve Zalewski

It’s easy to get stuck thinking of cybersecurity as a cost of doing business. And at the board level, stances can range from all-in to accepting the baseline. By proactively understanding every arm of the company, CISOs can build universal value — and make their mission undeniable.

For CISO and international advisor Steve Zalewski, empathy and perspective are the foundation for success. Everyone has their role. Every org has its roadmap. And for many outside the IT space, what’s best from a security standpoint isn’t always what’s best for the overall operation.

Episodes & Guests

Steve Zalewski

CISO and International Advisor

Steve Zalewski

CISO and International Advisor

Jeff Margolies

Saviynt Board Advisor and SVP of Strategy & Partnerships at FireEye

Juliette Kayyem

Harvard Lecturer and Faculty Director of Homeland Security

Paul Mezzera

Saviynt VP of Product & Market Strategy and former Gartner Analyst

Deepak Daswani

Ethical Hacker, Security Evangelist, and Cybersecurity Expert

Keren Elazari

Senior Researcher at the Tel Aviv University's Cyber Research Center

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