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When you’re exploring the cloud, it’s natural to get lost in the fluff. But beyond the buzzwords and frameworks, digital decision-makers are impacting every corner of our world. And where there’s opportunity for innovation, there’s risk of vulnerability.

Follow host Erin Duncan and guests as they decode data security, unpack the ethics of IT, and navigate the current cloud landscape.

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Featured Episode

04The Untapped Advantages of Assuming the Worst

with Juliette Kayyem

Books and teachings have emphasized the value of risk prevention to no end. But in a world where threats evolve and plans fall through, how are we handling the problems that are past preventing? With large-scale cyberattacks assuming a larger presence in the mainstream zeitgeist, we’re seeing the real-time consequences of best-case assumptions — and we’re understanding that no industry is unaffected.

Borne from her extensive background in federal and state crisis management, Juliette Kayyem’s “assume the boom” approach takes a holistic look at cybersecurity. Rather than over-indexing on probability or prevention, organizations can minimize damage by treating the highest consequences as inevitabilities.

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