Why Identity is Essential for IaaS Security


Security Solutions for Infrastructure as a Service by Saviynt

If there’s one most important aspect of securing public or private cloud infrastructure, that would be Identity. Identity helps in tying different dimensions of IaaS security and enables organizations to gain visibility, manage risk, meet compliance needs and monitor privileged users. Knowing “Who” did “What,” “When” and “Where” is a complex and expensive task in an IaaS ecosystem.
Webinar was led by Vibhuti Sinha from Saviynt and Dan Thormodsgaard from Fishtech to discuss-
  1. The role Identity plays in securing public or private cloud infrastructure
  2. Why “Identity correlation” is an important aspect to investigate critical events
  3. The need for organizations to have IAM role governance to ensure they follow the principles of least privileged access
  4. Why and how discovering and managing privileged access is complex and different in the cloud
  5. The importance of an IGA solution to manage federated / non-federated identities and complex business processes to meet the identity lifecycle in an IaaS ecosystem
  6. How Saviynt offers a unique solution to address these requirements


Recorded on April 24th, 2018