Unlocking NIS2 Compliance

How Saviynt Identity Security Ensures Regulatory Readiness

In January 2023, EU member states formally enacted a revision of the 2016 Network and Information Systems (NIS) Directive. Created in response to various well-publicized and damaging cyberattacks, the NIS2 Directive aims to bolster cybersecurity across the Union, including mitigating threats to network and information systems, and ensuring the continuity of services when incidents occur. 

A capable NIS2 Directive response requires a unified identity security approach–one built on a foundation of Zero Trust. Saviynt’s Enterprise Identity Cloud (EIC) is a fully-integrated, converged identity platform that unites core identity governance and security capabilities to protect people, data, and infrastructure. The multiple identity governance capabilities that EIC offers–including Identity Governance and Administration (IGA), privileged access management (PAM), third-party access governance (TPAG), application access governance (AAG), and others helps organisations address NIS2 Article 21 requirements. 

In particular, the platform supports preparatory efforts related to incident handling and reporting, supply chain security, cryptography and encryption, access control policies, and Zero Trust security.

In this white paper, you will learn:

  • What NIS2 is
  • What organisations are affected by NIS2
  • How Saviynt enables NIS2 compliance
  • What to expect as next steps for NIS2

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