Optimizing EHR Identity Governance

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Do your IT teams have the tools they need to manage EHRs properly?

Thanks to EHRs, clinicians now have better care coordination and record tracking at their fingertips. Hospitals are enjoying greater efficiencies and cost savings.

So, how are your security teams holding up?

Behind the scenes, their pressure needles are rising. More and more identities are demanding access to sensitive data. Applications and other systems of record require complex integration. If these moving pieces aren’t governed properly, the fallout could impact tens of thousands of providers, patients, and associates.

It’s time to simplify and optimize governance of your EHR systems. Hear from our experts from Saviynt and KPMG and learn how to 

  • Integrate EHR 
  • Reduce time to access
  • Enable least privilege and Zero Trust
  • Incorporate training and compliance
  • Automate business processes
  • Auditing

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Ivan Childress

Director, Healthcare Identity Cloud

Ken Dunbar

Director, Cyber Services

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