Modernising the Higher-Ed IAM System to meet compliance and security challenges


Joe Raschke, Principal Solution StrategistSaviynt


Recorded on – November 11, 2020 @ 12:00 PM AEST

Higher education facilities are constantly facing IT challenges on a daily basis, and are prime targets for cyber-attacks. Protecting student, staff and alumni data has never been more crucial for IT departments than right now!

Plus, with the loss of international students, many institutions are looking at how to streamline and improve the onboarding process. 

Saviynt understands the difficulty in managing multi-layered permissions, user personas, and the constant flux around the changing of account information and onboarding, while adhering to compliance requirements. If not kept in check, these can lead to ways-in for cyber-attacks. 

Points discussed:

  • Managing multi layered user personas 
  • Managing and monitoring application permissions and access.
  • Managing compliance requirements
  • Controlling diverse access requirements 
  • How to reduce IT workload securely


Joe Raschke
Joe Raschke

Joe Raschke

Principal Solution Strategist

Joe is a Principal Solution Strategist with Saviynt and has spent the majority of his career across many vertical markets including Manufacturing, Financial, Legal, and Healthcare markets. Joe has managed teams of people at companies ranging from regional firms to global enterprises to develop infrastructure, security and compliance programs. Bringing insight into the mind of a CISO, Joe has implemented regulatory programs to address today’s complex compliance requirements such as HIPAA/HITECH, SOX, and GDPR.


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