IGA Buyer’s Guide: What Every Organization Should Know

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It’s a crowded market. Before you commit, here’s what to ask.

So you’re ready to modernize your IGA platform. All that’s left to do is choose the solution that will determine your entire organization’s ability to act fast, scale up, and plan ahead. 

No pressure. 

We get it: the stakes are high, and finding the right solution can be complicated. Many platforms promise lower risk profiles but don’t deliver improved decision-making, reduced compliance violations, or Zero Trust. 

To make the best choice, there are some key questions every organization needs to ask any provider they engage with.

Watch this webinar to learn the five definitive factors that will help you cut through the clutter and match your precise business and security needs with right Identity Governance Administration solution, including:

  • What makes a modern solution
  • Platforms vs. point products
  • Five questions: why they matter, and what to look for
  • Important considerations for features

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Jason Gzym

Global Digital Identity Lead – Cybersecurity Services

Anurag Rai

Partner at KPMG

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