Hidden Costs of IGA

Investing in identity could save you millions

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About This Webinar

Digital transformation is a top priority—especially if your in-house IT is bound by legacy, on-prem infrastructure. And Identity Governance & Administration (IGA) is a critical piece of the puzzle.

But IGA isn’t one-size-fits-all. Below the surface, an iceberg of lost opportunities and inefficiencies could be costing you millions.

Watch this webinar to uncover the true costs of the solutions you’re scoping—and how you can knock this top-level business decision out of the park.

Focus areas for cost savings:

  • Legacy vs. cloud-native models
  • External support for implementation & integration
  • Maintenance and management
  • Training
  • Compliance

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Derek Gordon

Digital Identity Leader

Jason Gzym

Director, Solutions Engineering & Strategy

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