Healthcare Identity, Simplified Removing Rube Goldberg

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About This Webinar

IT innovation comes at the cost of siloed, overly complex environments. Growing matrixes of homegrown systems and third-party applications are built from necessity. But between on-premises and cloud ecosystems, any sign of Rube Goldberg is a likely indication of inefficient identity management and a sluggish user experience — for providers and patients, alike.

So, as legacy systems struggle to keep pace with today’s demands, healthcare organizations are turning their focus towards simpler, centralized solutions. Our upcoming webinar walks through strategic planning and implementation of Saviynt’s new Healthcare Identity Cloud (HIC) platform.

Watch this webinar to hear Ivan Childress and Prashant Mascarenhas as they unlock the power of converged IGA, EHR admin, third-party access governance, and more. All optimized with industry-leading workflows and integrations.


  1. Healthcare’s history of Rube Goldberg systems
  2. The impact of hyper identity growth
  3. Preliminary steps for cloud-first adoption
  4. Ins & outs of Saviynt Healthcare Identity Cloud, including IGA, EHR admin, third-party access governance

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Ivan Childress

Director, Healthcare Identity Cloud

Prashant Mascarenhas

Vice President, Cyber Security & GRC Services

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