Guarding Against Third-party Access Threats

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Third-party Access Governance (TPAG): A modern security essential

Your in-house activity may be protected. But if you’re utilizing third-party workforces and tools—thereby disclosing data—each point of access increases your risk for a breach.

And when 60% of organizations report an unclear understanding of their current third-party relationships, it’s easy to see why cybercriminals are taking notice.

With industry-leading TPAG strategies, from program launch to continuous compliance.


  • Critical use-cases for TPAG
  • Auditing third-party relationships
  • Optimized onboarding approaches
  • Activating self-service features
  • Delegating third-party admin for access review & certifications

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Kyle Benson

Director of Product Marketing

Chandrasekar Rajendrakumar

Director of Product Management & Offerings

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