Enabling Modern Workforces with Identity & Zero Trust

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About This Webinar

The modern business landscape demands a new paradigm; one that balances security and accessibility for increasingly remote workforces. By employing an identity-driven approach with Zero Trust principles, enterprises across all sectors can strengthen their IT environments and maintain a productive and secure workforce. With Saviynt’s converged, cloud-based platform, getting identity governance off the ground has never been easier.

Key takeaways from our webinar:

  • Understanding identity through the Zero Trust lens.
  • Empowering remote workers with critical tools, applications, and access.
  • How a cloud-based platform streamlines onboarding and access provisioning, identifies and resolves excess permissions, and ensures continuous compliance for any identity, app, or cloud.

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Paul Mezzera

Vice President, Product & Market Strategy

Greg Liewer

Senior Product Marketing Manager

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