How to Enable Multiple Cloud Application Governance in the Hybrid Cloud Environment

Webinar Recording

How to Effectively Govern Critical Application and Infrastructure Access Controls

Hybrid IT environments today include a blend of on-prem, private, managed and public cloud applications and infrastructure elements, so organizations can economically, and flexibly manage a more powerful mix of workloads to drive business.

From a governance, risk and compliance perspective, enforcing policies in hybrid environments requires the ability to holistically manage and control access to and within applications (roles, entitlements), and key infrastructure zones (applications, servers, databases and infrastructure controls).

In this webinar, Grant Small, CEO at LegionStar and Joe Raschke, Field CTO at Saviynt discussed how you can extend your existing on-prem identity governance, risk and compliance policies to enforce the critical intersections of access deep within, and to as-a-service applications and infrastructure assets.

Points discussed:

  • How to build a risk assessment and prevention plan.
  • The types of processes companies are implementing for their cloud governance.
  • What cross-platform tools are helpful when managing applications and infrastructure assets in hybrid environments.


Recorded on November 14, 2018



Grant Small CEO Legion Star Headshot

Grant Small
Legion Star

Joe Raschke Field CTO Saviynt Headshot

Joe Raschke
Field CTO