Solve Compliance Headaches with Cross-Application Reporting and Automated Certification

Solve Compliance Headaches with Cross-Application Reporting and Automated Certification

Kyle Benson

Kyle Benson

Director, Product Marketing

Ease Application Complexity and Be Audit-Ready — All With a Single Solution.

Would you go into a shark tank with a cage that was 80% secure? If your platform doesn’t close all the gaps, you could be leaving your organization vulnerable in deep water. 

In the previous blog in this series, we covered how Saviynt’s Application Access Governance (AAG) provides out-of-the-box rulesets and fine-grained controls that prevent and detect more Separation of Duty (SoD) violations — and vastly simplify remediation efforts.

But when it comes time for risk managers to pull the data together for auditors, one of the biggest challenges is to establish a clear line of sight into how tasks interact across a wide range of cloud, on-prem, and hybrid applications. How do they run an airtight report for multiple apps with siloed security models? The answer: not very easily.

But if risks are going undetected, it can impact your reputation, lead to fines and sanctions from the auditor, and complicate the certification process. 

In this installment, we’ll put you behind the wheel of AAG’s intuitive workbench and show you how it can ease cross-application headaches, reduce time spent on certifications, get you audit-ready — and keep you there — with continuous compliance.

Better Cross-Application Reporting Goes Hand in Glove with Better Compliance

As more and more businesses move sensitive finance, accounting, and payroll data to ERP apps, comparing entitlements becomes very difficult. A user could have Customer Orders in Salesforce and Accounts Receivable in SAP. If these entitlements conflict and that conflict goes undetected, auditors could take a big bite out of your organization. In 2020 alone, banks were fined $14.2 Billion for non-compliance. Companies with a heavy burden of sensitive information simply can’t afford to rely on disjointed solutions or processes to manage compliance. Most application Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) solutions can help you with one major ERP application, like SAP or Oracle. But Saviynt’s comprehensive cross-application governance can manage your SaaS and on-prem applications. Our last demo covered how you can build custom rulesets for all of your applications with Saviynt AAG’s out-of-the-box rulesets, identifying potential and real SoD violations down to the most granular level. As risk managers prioritize remediation efforts, AAG logs all changes in the platform, creating an audit trail that you can access with minimal effort. With pre-defined reports, your staff can slash time spent on data interpretation.  Let’s walk step-by-step through the cross-application compliance reporting process and you’ll see how Saviynt gets it down to a science. 

Demo 1: Break down application silos for seamless risk reporting.

Take the “Pain” Out of User Access Certification Campaigns

Certifications are usually done between an application owner and IT security or internal audit to certify that all access to the application is correct — including access to privileged accounts. They give your organization the proof and peace of mind you need to make the grade with external auditors.

But there are predictable stumbling blocks. Security teams are usually very good at providing access to users as they join or as they move positions within the company. Unfortunately, “leavers” often take their access with them when they go. Certifying correct access is key to continuous compliance. Still, the process can be a serious drain on time, manpower, and productivity — especially when conducting separate access certification campaigns for standard and privileged access. Sometimes, admins end up copying other users’ access just to prevent a logjam. In today’s overwhelming threat landscape, your security team needs all hands on deck, not all heads down in outdated processes.


Demo 2: Free up certification bottlenecks with automated user access reviews.

Whether you’re spending too much time doing user access reviews, mired in cross-application complexity, or tripping up on a lot of SoD risks during audits — it’s time to get automated. With our intelligent access request capabilities and prevent-and-detect risk analysis, your teams can reduce the number of potential violations found during user access reviews and ensure your organization stays focused on the riskiest exposures first.

Saviynt’s AAG makes application access governance more efficient and well-documented, allowing reviewers to quickly see all toxic conflicts, understand the business impact, and track access certification through to completion. Most importantly, you stay compliant, reduce the workload on your security team, and speed up user access. Next installment: Test drive AAG’s emergency access management and out-of-the-box compliance reporting features.

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