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Confidently face new threats with identity-first security. Any app, any cloud – no problem.

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Zero Trust

Establish Zero Trust

Saviynt ties into your multi-cloud environment to enable least privilege and just-enough access. Verify every user, validate every device, and intelligently limit privileged access.
Privileged Access

Manage Privileged Access

Our cloud PAM solution secures privileged access and protects critical assets across your entire infrastructure. Rapidly achieve zero-standing privileges with just-in-time (JIT) access to reduce risk with better visibility and control.

Automate Identity Workflows

Intelligently manage access with both flexible policies & controls framework. Improve productivity with workflows, including intelligent access approval, Joiner-Mover-Leaver change management, and simplified app onboarding.
Reputation Risk

Manage Reputation Risk

Reduce reputational risk lost from third-party access data breaches by orchestrating access governance for vendors, suppliers and customers. Ensure identity oversight throughout the entire third-party lifecycle.

Top CIOs protect access to data, applications, and infrastructure with Saviynt

Simplify access and accelerate compliance initiatives.

Learn how David Levin, CISO at American Express Global Business Travel, developed an identity strategy to mitigate current challenges–and prepares for the future with planned program improvements. Watch Now

Achieve cloud-native identity governance and administration.

Learn how James Russ, CISO at Diversey, solves pressing challenges with the right identity stack–and approaches vendor and solution selection and implementation. Watch Now

Achieve 240% ROI with the Saviynt Enterprise Identity Cloud

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Grow With Saviynt

With Saviynt,
You Can:

  • Automate business workflows with built-in recertification or access review and eliminate up to three weeks of manual processes.
  • Drive efficient resource allocation and save over $11 million in identity administration time by taking user provision from 10 days to 1 day.
  • Lower risk with the Segregation of Duties (SoD) Analyzer that provides internal access controls necessary to avoid breach, costly audit failures, and Non-compliance – resulting in a three-year benefit of $8.6 million.

Questions CIOs Often Ask

How can I securely accelerate digital transformation?

Saviynt protects organizations at the new identity perimeter and natively connects across on-premises and cloud resources to onboard new technologies. Platform automation accelerates lifecycle management with analytics that predict user access needs, and integrates with popular IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, and collaboration tools.

What are some ways to identify, analyze, and mitigate my security risks?

Saviynt continuously identifies new access risks, surfaces them, and suggests remediations. Set risk-based workflows to drive analytics which enforce access policies across your application ecosystems. Saviynt’s Identity Risk Exchange integrates with SIEM, GRC, eGRC, and UEBA platforms for complete security monitoring and rapid threat response.

What ways do you apply automation for a culture of security?

By offering approvers insight into the access request risk (including approval confidence), leaders decrease access request volume and eliminate excessive access. Saviynt’s browser assist and omni channel experience offer easy-to-use interface options to increase end-user adoption.

Can you help reduce IT staff security monitoring fatigue?

Saviynt helps staff prioritize their time using predictive analytics to surface high-risk requests. The reduction in alerts keeps IT staff focused on tasks necessary to secure identities.

Can I enhance security without increasing my costs?

Saviynt solves user access-related security problems and provides visibility into costs from excess subscriptions. Cloud PAM brings just-in-time access elevation, reducing rarely-used administrative accounts and subscriptions. Saviynt AAG surfaces underutilized license types to support right-sizing. Mitigate third-party access risk with robust role-based access controls.

How do your controls offerings improve my compliance posture?

Saviynt’s Control Exchange supports a robust compliance posture with its out-of-the-box control repository and Unified Controls Framework. These cross-map to business-critical regulations, industry standards, platforms, and control types.

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Saviynt Transform Legacy Security

Let's Transform Legacy Security

Saviynt helps CIOs modernize identity management while unifying human & machine identity and application governance across the entire ecosystem.

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