Solutions For The IT Auditor


Solutions For The IT Auditor

Use an expert system based on predictive analytics to continuously monitor and document governance

Maintain Continuous Assurance in a Continuously Evolving Compliance Landscape

Managing new compliance risks across a series of fragmented data sources makes scoping audits and collecting documentation a time-consuming process. 

Saviynt’s platform provides a single source of information for assessing risk, managing the identity lifecycle, and automating continuous assurance activities.

How Do I Reduce Stakeholder Resistance to Audit Processes?

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Saviynt’s platform reduces audit “busy work” providing a single source of documentation via native connectors to mission-critical hybrid infrastructure, applications, data, and collaboration tools. Our intuitive interface with risk-aware certifications eases business user campaign creation, examination, and validation burdens, reducing the resistance caused by complicated tools.

How Can I Accelerate the Maturity of Compliance Program?

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Saviynt’s Control Exchange accelerates compliance program maturity with its out-of-the-box control repository and a Unified Controls Framework cross-mapped across business-critical regulations, industry standards, platforms, and control types.

How Can I Both Establish and Enforce Risk-Based Access Policies?

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Saviynt’s depth and breadth of risk types and levels combine with our fine-grained entitlements to support both the establishment and enforcement of risk-based access policies. Stakeholders can collaborate when creating risk-based access request workflows that automate request escalation for risky access. Then, the automation surfaces high-risk requests for additional review to eliminate findings, reduce costs, and mitigate human error risks.

How Do I Prove That My Organization Has Identified and Assessed Risk Continuously?

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Saviynt’s platform continuously monitors for new risks, including new assets and risky machine identities so that organizations can prove continuous control effectiveness. With real-time continuous risk monitoring fueled by our intelligent analytics, auditors can ensure their organizations meet burdensome compliance requirements.

How Do I Manage a Holistic Cloud Security Monitoring Program?

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Saviynt’s Risk Exchange integrates with key monitoring solutions, including SIEM, GRC, eGRC, and UEBA platforms, to enhance risk visibility and create a single source of documentation. Our platform reduces the time and staffing burdens that make compliance cumbersome.

How Do I Reduce the Operational Costs of Documenting My Security Monitoring?

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Saviynt’s automation, workflows, and compliance controls document continuous monitoring and identity lifecycle governance activities in one platform, reducing manual processes and time. With a single source of documentation, you can determine audit scope, download documentation, and reduce internal stakeholder resistance.


How Saviynt Solves Challenges For the IT-Auditor

Saviynt integrates directly with common federation platforms to seamlessly tie into your multi-cloud environment.  Accounts are directly linked back to identities and are automatically provisioned and de-provisioned as identities are added, moved, or removed to ensure credentials are not orphaned. When users leave the organization, Saviynt’s platform automatically removes/disables accounts in the federated platform and cloud solutions, ensuring organizations meet regulatory compliance requirements.

Saviynt’s Control Exchange provides out-of-the-box compliance controls for business-critical applications.  By aligning controls with compliance mandates such as HIPAA, PCI, NERC/CIP, COBIT, and CIS, Saviynt’s platform accelerates the implementation of new controls to meet organizational business objectives and needs. Saviynt’s Control Exchange enables cross-mapping between regulatory initiatives, control frameworks, platforms, and control types as well as how Saviynt’s solution monitors and remediates risks.  The Control Exchange eases compliance by providing controls that organizations can implement across the multiple platforms Saviynt currently supports.

Saviynt’s intelligence-based platform integrates with enterprise SIEMs to provide holistic access visibility. Saviynt’s platform continuously monitors access privileges for control violations, such as those granted as part of emergency elevation or through a backdoor. When the platform detects potential violations, it sends alerts and suggests remediation actions, such as exception documentation, setting time limits, or rejections.

Saviynt’s access analytics restricts activity that could potentially lead to a breach.  Leveraging powerful techniques such as quarantine, access lockdown, or security team alerts to address suspicious activity, Saviynt’s platform automatically prevents insecure data sharing.

Saviynt’s depth of visibility with fine-grained entitlements is married with Saviynt’s breadth of visibility across the application ecosystem to allow organizations to define cross-application SoD controls.

Saviynt’s powerful data analysis capabilities include both pattern matching and natural language processing capabilities, ensuring that data which is PII, PCI, PHI or Intellectual Property can all be classified appropriately.  Enterprises can leverage Saviynt to perform peer and behavioral analytics to detect high-risk activity based on various risk scoring parameters including volume spike, ingress/egress traffic, event rarity, outlier access, policy/control violations, threat intelligence, etc. Saviynt enables enterprises to perform signature-less analysis for rapid detection, effective investigation and closed-loop security response.

Saviynt’s platform leverages its extensive identity warehouse to find similarities to standardize role definitions. Our role engineering capability incorporates both bottom-up and top-down role analysis. Additionally, our solution can integrate usage-log analysis. This capability provides visibility into access granted but not being used that can lead to excess access risk. Our role-engineering also reviews access granted to some, but not all, individuals in a given role that should be expanded to all users in the role to decrease the number of access requests. Saviynt’s ability to clean up and standardize access across the organization mitigates the risks associated with excess access.

With Saviynt’s intelligent analytics and peer analysis, managers and IT administrators involved in the access review and certification campaign process gain visibility directly into the riskiest access. Saviynt’s platform enables organizations to create business-process workflows focused on risk to alleviate the “rubber-stamping” often involved in periodic reviews and certification campaigns. Approvers see only those risks elevated based on “high-risk” designation, ensuring governance over user access and easing compliance burdens.

Saviynt’s DAG solution allows the creation of risk-based policies to manage the data access program and automate user requests to data. Assigned data owners perform fine-grained access review to ensure granting entitlements aligns with business needs.  Utilize peer and behavioral analytics detect high-risk activity in near real-time, allowing the enterprise to rapidly investigate and respond.

Saviynt comes with over 250 security controls and risk signatures available out of the box based on industry compliance standards allowing rapid deployment of business use-cases based on industry best practices with drag-and-drop workflow configuration to expedite the customization of complex workflows. With a built-in, drill-down dashboard to monitor and analyze trends, history of control violations, as well as automatically generating alerts for control owners.


Ensuring Compliance in your Hybrid Ecosystem

Saviynt ensures Segregation of Duties compliance in your hybrid ecosystem to protect you from compliance violations, fraud, or the misappropriation of financial statements while better securing your data.

Compliance and a People-First Security Program

When problems arise, your first reaction may be to respond by creating a new policy that alleviates the problem, but Saviynt recommends different ways of addressing compliance challenges in a people-first security program.

Reinvent Your Approach to Internal Controls

How many spreadsheets will it take to satisfy everyone who wants to know that your systems are secure? It’s time to approach controls differently. Understand Saviynt’s continuous controls approach.

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