Saviynt Application Access Governance
for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Comprehensive Solution for GRC Access Control

Integrating ERP and CRM capabilities, Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides organizations with a deep understanding of their business operations including insight into sales, customer acquisition, customer service, and back-end operations. As a result, their integrated platform holds a tremendous amount of data, including sensitive information around finance, accounting, and payroll. Add third-party applications, like Cashflow Management or Analytical Accounts, and organizations run the risk of exposing even more mission-critical information. How do organizations make sure the right person has the right access, at the right time, and keep data and resources safe while complying with regulatory requirements?


Saviynt’s Application Access Governance solution delivers centralized, fine-grained entitlement management, real-time intelligence, and automated remediation to secure and protect an organization’s users, data, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 apps. Our platform provides a unified analytics portal to easily view, identify, and take action to resolve security incidents and monitor continuous compliance monitoring of SoD’s to ensure regulatory compliance.


  • Risk Management
  • Continuous Compliance
  • Frictionless Experience
  • Rapid Remediation

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