Why Saviynt? Compliance-as-a-Service

Understanding the risks of who is accessing what within your digitally transforming environment is critical to your security posture. The risks are magnified when discussing privileged access, and organizations need new solutions when managing permissions in the velocity and elasticity of a cloud ecosystem.

Saviynt’s convergence of Identity Governance and Privileged Access Management for the Cloud delivers a single, holistic solution for organizations to manage privileged access in their hybrid environment. Our single solution for all identity and access needs helps organizations gain visibility and reduce risk in their ecosystem.

In this data sheet, learn about Saviynt’s Cloud PAM solution for on-premises, hybrid, and cloud architectures, and how it delivers a wealth of capabilities:

  • Continuous discovery and risk visibility
  • Real-time workload discovery and auto-registration
  • Elimination of non-persistent local OS accounts
  • Integrated credential lifecycle management and vaulting
  • No requirement for jumpbox / bastion host
  • Temporal and granular privileged access with seamless sign-on
  • Keyless and passwordless support
  • Integrated identity lifecycle management
  • Granular audit logs for more sophisticated detection
  • Access evaluation to detect SoDs/toxic privilege combinations

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