Saviynt Spotlight – Application GRC Series – Workday


The session was headed by Zachary Taylor, Director of Sales Engineering at Saviynt, who helped to understand how Saviynt analyzes Workday access hierarchy and maps out complex inherited relationships between Domains, Business Process, Security Groups, Organization Types, Positions, Roles, Actions and Policies. Zac also discussed:

  1. SOD Management – Evaluate SOD violations across multiple Cloud and Enterprise applications
  2. Emergency Access Management – Manage time-bound access to privileged users
  3. Continuous Controls – Out of the box Controls and a framework to build custom controls
  4. Automated User Management – Integration with Workday HRMS to orchestrate identity lifecycle processes
  5. Automated Role Design and Management – Simplified access governance with support to hierarchical roles
  6. Access Certification – Detect policy violations during access review and take corrective action

Webinar date- May 31st, 2017