Saviynt Raises the Bar With the New 2020 Release of Enterprise Identity Cloud

MJ Kaufmann

MJ Kaufmann

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Saviynt 2020 Supports the Work-from-Anywhere Enterprise

2020 forced organizations to face a seismic shift in how business is carried out. Worldwide businesses are rethinking security and recognizing that identity is necessary to manage risk. Identity is no longer just about the end-user. In modern organizations, identity spans workloads, data, bots, and connected devices. Last year, Saviynt introduced our vision to simplify the adoption of identity and access technologies. Today, We deliver on that promise with the release of Saviynt 2020 general availability

Saviynt 2020 is the highly anticipated update to our Enterprise Identity Cloud, designed to adapt to evolving business requirements and eliminate the need for multiple products and vendors. The cloud-architected, unified platform centralizes governance and administers all-access throughout your IT ecosystem – and integrates easily with hybrid applications such as Microsoft 365, Workday, and Salesforce. 

“Saviynt has emerged as one of the leading providers of intelligent identity management, innovating well beyond key legacy players with an already established position in the market,” said Richard Hill, analyst at KuppingerCole. “Saviynt’s strength, however, comes as a result of its cloud-native, converged approach to enterprise identity. With the release of Saviynt 2020, enterprise organizations will continue to benefit from an integrated risk-based, intelligent approach to IGA and Access Governance, for both on-premises and cloud-based instances.”

To get a complete overview of the new release, make sure to join us at CONVERGE 20, where you can get a closer look at the latest capabilities. For a sneak peek, check out our video walkthroughs located here. Read on for a high-level look at what the Saviynt 2020 release offers companies facing today’s quickly evolving business environment.

Saviynt 2020 Supports the Work-from-Anywhere Enterprise

Saviynt2020 provides an easy and clear way to review access without fatigue. (pictured above)

Simplify Messy Account Management

Saviynt 2020 simplifies how identities are managed, whether for users, vendors, or machine accounts in the cloud. Normally, managing these accounts can be a real mess, using divergent interfaces for each application. Saviynt 2020 centralizes all this information into one user-friendly interface. 

Centralization helps identify applications and services that aren’t being managed. These shadow IT systems pose a significant risk because they may contain privileged information or provide attackers a backdoor. Identifying these systems lets companies decide whether to get rid of them or bring them under governance. To see how Saviynt 2020 simplifies identity management, watch the complete demo

Contextual Identity Insights (pictured above)

Automate Tedious Tasks

In 2020, many organizations are overwhelmed with operations and need to simplify processes. Manually approving and granting access is a time-consuming process. And collecting enough information to make a risk-based decision for a single request is cumbersome. 

Saviynt 2020 brings together AI technology and contextual identity insights to ease this burden. The process is streamlined by automatically pulling in identity-related data from across your IT ecosystem. This data is automatically assessed and analyzed for potential risks such as Segregation of Duties (SoD) violations. Risk levels are determined, and low-risk access is automatically approved. Higher risk requests and all of the contextualized data are handed off to approvers for direct intervention. It reduces their overall time and effort for approval by filtering out the lower risks and managing the research. Automatically providing the approvers comprehensive role and usage information helps catch potential threats and speeds the decision-making process.  To learn more, watch the complete demo

"Enterprise security challenges demand an intelligent, risk-based approach, especially with the drastic changes brought about by the global pandemic. We are continually working to improve our identity posture and Saviynt 2020 has played a vital role in securing our growing identity perimeter, which consists of hundreds of thousands of users and hundreds of applications.”

Saviynt 2020 Control Center provide continuous risk management (pictured above)

Trust No One

2020 has been a year of change. Many companies faced the dual challenge of cloud adoption and moving to a remote workforce. Established security models weren’t sufficient for this evolution. The lesser-known model of Zero Trust burst to the forefront. The move to Zero Trust necessitated identity as the new perimeter replacing firewalls and closed on-premises networks.

Saviynt 2020 is built on Zero Trust principles and eliminates standing privilege. The new release improves monitoring and time-bound access to reduce risk and help facilitate Zero Trust. See how Saviynt 2020 can help you adopt Zero Trust by watching the full demo

Saviynt 2020 provides multiple ways to manage identities including a mobile app (pictured above) and a browser plug-in (not pictured)

Embrace a Modern User Experience

The rise of remote work has forced workers to become more self-sufficient concerning IT needs. Based on our customers’ feedback, the latest release empowers employees with new self-service request capabilities that are more streamlined and intuitive. Seamless integration into applications reduces the guesswork when requesting access and extends the user-friendly interface into their workflows. Back-end improvements include an IOS and Android application, allowing approvers to review and process requests from anywhere. Saviynt2020 folds all of the power of Enterprise Identity Cloud into a portable package. Take a peek at the new and improved Saviynt 2020 interface by checking out the full demo

Explore the Future of Identity

The best place to see the future of Identity is at CONVERGE 20. During the live virtual conference, hundreds of leading identity and security experts worldwide will gather online to share their journeys, best practices, and insights for the years ahead.

Several key customers who have been working with Saviynt2020 will be on hand to share their experiences. Learn from visionaries and leaders from organizations such as Microsoft, Cerner, American Express, Marriott, and Koch Industries. These experts will offer practical, actionable insights to propel your organization forward and advise you on the traps and pitfalls to watch out for as you expand your identity program.

If you haven’t registered yet, don’t worry! There is still time. Sign up here, and as a bonus, you can invite a colleague, and both of you will receive a free T-Shirt for attending.

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