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SAP HANA offers significant capabilities and benefits to its customers by being able to process vast amount of data and by provide more real-time insight into events instantaneously. This kind of speed and insight also introduces new challenges where sensitive information is enabled for access on the fly.

With this adoption, there arises a fair amount of challenge trying to protect critical data on a new platform while also ensuring that it is compliant with the security policies and regulations. This paper attempts to discuss:

  • Various implementation scenarios of SAP HANA security
  • Thinking about SAP HANA security in a grounds-up manner
  • A look at Saviynt’s unique solution for effective fine SAP HANA security management


Saviynt has introduced a unique mechanism for SAP HANA security management that translates the complex security model into a logical view for the business owners and security teams. It allows users to define security requirements as logical rules into a security rulebook.


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