Saviynt for Oracle EBS


Application Secure for Critical Enterprise Applications


Segregation of duty (SOD) assessment for Oracle EBS and across applications

Saviynt provides a comprehensive out-of-box SOD ruleset that has been tailored for Oracle EBS. The ruleset comes with risks or toxic combinations of fine-grained Oracle EBS entitlements such as responsibilities, menus, functions, sub menus, etc. that should not belong to the same user. Saviynt features a tightly coupled mitigating control management for SOD risks that need to managed or remediated over time. Saviynt’s SOD management system also has life-cycle management capabilities including:

  • On-demand simulation of SOD and impact analysis when user’s responsibilities are altered
  • Ruleset comparison, history, version control
  • Delegated administration by user or user groups
  • Integration with enterprise GRC controls
  • Extensible notification and reporting with ability to export reports in Excel, PDF and CSV formats.
  • Customizable rich dashboard

Proactively prevent proliferation of toxic combination of access

Not only is it important to get rid of SOD violations in your environment, it is also essential to ‘stay clean’. Saviynt can seamlessly integrate with any 3rd party access request or ticket management system (or with built-in Access Request System) via RESTful APIs to perform on-demand SOD simulation. This prevents any SOD risks from further proliferation while requesting access and providing approvers to make informed decisions.

Integrated transaction and out-of-band change monitoring

It is essential for enterprises to monitor transactions that are business / compliance critical or those affected by SOD violations. Saviynt has the ability to extract activity and usage logs in addition to access data from Oracle EBS. These logs can be presented as evidence for compliance requirements or continuously monitored by mitigating control owners. As part of this reconciliation, Saviynt can also determine changes to responsibilities, functions, etc. made directly (out-of-band) to Oracle EBS and then assist in formalizing those changes through notification, approval and review processes.

Access governance for privileged and critical users in Oracle EBS

Saviynt enables automation of access lifecycle management (onboarding, off-boarding) based on requests raised by end users or attribute-based access control (ABAC) policies for Oracle EBS. Saviynt also includes a risk-based access certification / attestation system to perform periodic or event-based review of users’ access. Saviynt has a built-in dynamic risk analytics engine that identifies users with excess or privileged / sensitive responsibilities as compared to peers. Saviynt can then enable ad-hoc review of such access and privileged activity to ensure optimal security and compliance at all times.