Saviynt for Okta - Extend Okta with Identity Governance


Saviynt solution for okta

Extend okta with identity governance and intelligence

With Identity becoming the new attack vector, it is not enough to simply enable SSO or coarse grained provisioning for cloud or enterprise applications. Organizations need a contextual and risk-driven Identity Governance & Intelligence solution in order to effectively manage security and meet compliance requirements. As a cloud native solution, Saviynt extends Okta deployments by offering risk-based access request system that stops proliferation of excessive and conflicting access, micro certification to avoid rubber stamping, fine-grained entitlement management, out of box SOD rulesets, security controls and automating the access lifecycle management with rule and role based provisioning.


  • Granular Access Provisioning and De-provisioning
  • Rule(ABAC) based automated assignment
  • Risk based Access Certification
  • Deep integration with Enterprise and Cloud applications
  • Out of box security controls
  • SOD Management
  • Role Engineering and Management
  • Privileged Access Management

Integrate with Okta in few easy steps

It just takes a few clicks to seamlessly enable governance and enforce security policies for Okta connected applications. Saviynt connector for Okta brings accounts and entitlements into Identity Warehouse, enabling application owners to create a catalog for requesting access, add glossary and derive application roles for automated provisioning of access. The drag-n-drop workflow editor allows business analysts to design complex processes to suite any business need. The out-of-box enterprise workflow has been developed to dynamically alter its behavior based on several factors including risk, multiple HRMS attributes etc. This has been proven to reduce more than 80% workflows as compared to traditional IGA platforms.

Add Intelligence with Identity Analytics

Saviynt takes IGA to the next level by not only answering the question of “Who has access to what?”, but also gaining insight into “What are they doing with that access?”. Saviynt’s next generation IGA platform combines analytics from usage and audit to enhance the capabilities of access life-cycle management. These analytics are ingrained in functions such as role mining, identifying actual vs. potential SOD violations, continuous controls monitoring etc. to ensure appropriate prioritization of significant risks in the environment and optimal use of IGA resources.

Comprehensive SOD Management

A robust risk management platform is the cornerstone of Saviynt’s next-gen IAG solution. With over 200+ SOD rule sets across industry domains such as financial services and healthcare, and security controls, Saviynt assists organizations realize their governance, risk, security and compliance goals.

The platform supports both preventive and detective SOD simulation and validation. Saviynt SOD remediation recommendations workbench is one of the most advanced in the industry that not only performs user to role analysis but also role to entitlement analysis to remediate any roles with inherent SODs and accelerate remediation phase. In addition, Saviynt integrates usage analytics to identify actual violations that have been acted upon by users vs. potential SOD violations to prioritize remediation measures appropriately.

With its ability to understand hierarchical entitlements within applications, Saviynt can perform SOD analysis across both coarse and fine-grained entitlements for effective security within a single app as well as cross-apps.

Saviynt solution for okta