Securing Information Access For Healthcare Digital Transformation

Secure, integrated patient information access with identity governance for enterprise compliance and risk mitigation

Identity Governance and Administration for Healthcare

Avoiding breaches and staying off of the CMS radar and out of the newspaper is important. Equally important is your ability to digitally transform your patient engagement model to securely open up information access to improve clinical outcomes and provide a better financial experience. We can help with both through one pre-integrated platform with your EHR application(s).

Watch how some of our customers, like Partners Healthcare® and Intermountain Healthcare®, are providing their patients with the security needed to protect patient data.

Saviynt Integrated with EHR Applications

Saviynt is an industry leader in providing data security governance and management solutions for healthcare EMR applications and ancillary clinical systems. Some of the key pre-built features of the Saviynt solution include:

  • Out-of-box connectors for leading clinical applications including Epic, McKesson, Cerner and several other leading clinical applications to provision access
  • Centralized design and management of fine-grained role-based access control policies enhanced with advanced statistical algorithms, actual entitlement usage and impact simulation techniques
  • Controls library with over 180 segregation of duty (SOD) rules that are mapped to various industry regulations such as HIPAA Audit Protocols
Saviynt Integrated with EHR Applications

Saviynt’s Key Capabilities

Saviynt's Key Capabilities - Analytics of usage and monitoring of risk activity

Analytics of usage and monitoring of risk activity – with real-time notifications of monitored user activity, dashboards providing a holistic view of identity activity and corresponding risks, ready-built reporting to meet the needs of executive management and the board of directors.

Saviynt’s Key Capabilities EHR Automation at its Core

EHR automation at its core – application owners can automate as much of the process as possible through roles and policies, lowering the cost associated with administering user access throughout the enterprise.

Saviynt's Key Capabilities - Segregation of Duties (SOD) Across Users

Segregation of Duties (SOD) across users – remediating violations and matching users-to-roles and roles-to-entitlement ensure that employees follow the process to elevate their access on a permanent or temporary basis as well as the functionality to revoke access.

Saviynt's Key Capabilities - Efficient, Flexible and Scalable

Efficient, flexible and scalable – analytics to help identify user accounts and activities requiring manual intervention with sufficient flexibility and functionality to scale to meet those needs and enforce policies and procedures as required.

Saviynt's Key Capabilities - Compliance Assurance and Clear Audit Trails

Compliance assurance and clear audit trails – providing controls mapped to specific laws, such as SOX, PCI and Public Sector regulations, streamlines the compliance process allowing auditors and investigators to detect potential violations, as they happen in real time.

Saviynt's Key Capabilities - Rapid Deployment Through Pre-Integrations

Rapid deployment through pre-integrations – automating the identity management process to respond to employee changes in jobs, locations, responsibilities. Minimizes the total cost of ownership through automation of security identity management.

Top Healthcare Data Security Challenges

The incentive is high to avoid a breach and find yourself answering phone calls from unwanted press sources and regulatory agencies like CMSs. Yet you still need to securely open access to clinicians, patients and third parties in new engagement models, while having in place the business controls a fine-grained identity solution delivers. Natively in the cloud.

  • Natively built for the cloud which facilitates the movement of on-premise applications to the cloud
  • Through fine-grained identity and role-based management, secure open access to patient information
  • Real-time proactive notification of suspicious activity allowing for immediate mitigation
  • Meet governance, risk mitigation and compliance requirements (GRC) with one solution from one vendor
  • Board-level dashboarding and intelligence with a mouse click showing your threat surface protected
Top Healthcare Data Security Challenges

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