Saviynt Employee Spotlight: Jeff Purrington

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Lorrie Cowan

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At Saviynt, we’re building revolutionary identity solutions to help solve the world’s toughest security challenges in record time. What’s the secret? Our people. We believe in seeking out the most innovative industry professionals who are ready to disrupt the status quo and develop personally and professionally.

Each month in our ongoing Employee Spotlight series, we’ll introduce you to the inspirational people in our fast-growing global team who are changing the game — and having fun while doing it. 

Meet Jeff Purrington

Jeff Purrington is the Senior Solutions Engineer at Saviynt headquarters in El Segundo, CA. With over 25 years of industry experience, Jeff has spent the last 5 ½ years at Saviynt where he’s passionate about driving us to the top tier of Converged Identity Platforms.

Tell us a little bit about what you do each day at Saviynt.

I’m committed to evangelizing the importance of our Application Access Governance capabilities. At times, I’m more passionate about this subject than many of my colleagues would like me to be. Having been a Director of IT Audit, I think Saviynt provides the best answer. There are loads of Identity companies, and loads of SoD and App Access companies — but Saviynt is the only one that’s best in class at both. The industry analysts score us highest on both. There simply isn’t another company that can say that.

Jeff with his family

How did you get started in your present career? What brought you to Saviynt?

I started my career in information security while at Deloitte where I implemented security for PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, and Oracle. When you design security you become great at evaluating it, so I moved into Audit. I led training sessions with the IIA and ISACA on how to audit these applications.  That brought me around to Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) and eventually sparked a passion to return to security rather than being the grim reaper of audit. I was evaluating tools while at RSM when I came across Saviynt. It was different from any other tool I’d ever seen and I thought, “I’d love to work there.” The flexibility and scalability of Saviynt’s solution is something I’ve written about extensively. It is unmatched.”

What’s one workplace rule that you always break and why? 

I speak my mind. That’s it. Sometimes I do so passionately (as most evangelists do). But if you’re not passionate about the message, then find something else.

Jeff expressing himself at a conference.

How did you adapt to the extra work-related stresses that stemmed from the pandemic?

The pandemic and its wake continues to impact everyone. It’s been a hurdle for sure. Aside from a few dogs barking and gardeners mowing during conference calls, I think the world has adapted very well. It has certainly changed the way we stay connected. When I started in this industry, things were mostly on-premise with very few external touchpoints. Now, there are trillions of touchpoints into a nebulous cloud: the final frontier. The silver lining of the pandemic has been getting to go back and see all those guys and gals that have been there with me along this great journey.

Together at the Dodgers game

In an increasingly remote workplace, what advice do you have on how to make video calls/virtual meetings more effective?

I think it’s better when people have their cameras on.  It makes the calls more effective. 

Describe a time during your career when you doubted your abilities or qualifications and how you overcame that challenge.

I definitely felt ill-equipped when I came to Saviynt. Probably more so than any other time in my professional life. I think I was employee #95 and now there are close to 1,000 here at Saviynt.  When I started, it was all hands on deck. I was an application guy and didn’t know Unix — but I learned. I hadn’t been in the weeds like that for years, but it felt great to learn. It felt great to get my feet wet and to understand the machinery.

After the Dodgers game

What goals are you working toward professionally? What new skills have you gained this year at Saviynt (or what new skills are you working toward?)  

I love being on the cutting edge of technology, so to work for a company that is as innovative as Saviynt is really a dream come true. I’ve recently moved into our sales organization and it’s a place I can really feel the satisfaction from my love for evangelizing our capabilities. I love to spread the message. The people I speak to everyday — well, I’ve been in their shoes. I’ve led teams in Information Security as well in IT Audit. I have implemented it. I have tested it. I have audited it. I know when it’s good, and IT IS GOOD.

Jeff at the beach with family

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