Saviynt Employee Spotlight:
Dave Culbertson

Saviynt Employee Spotlight:
Dave Culbertson

Naga Pillai

Naga Pillai

Sr. Talent Analytics Specialist

At Saviynt, our people put our customers first, always. They deliver results every time, and they care about their teams. Our goal is to create a close-knit global community where people are empowered to take the initiative — go for it — and enjoy the journey along the way. Each month in our ongoing Employee Spotlight series, we’ll introduce you to the inspirational people here at Saviynt who are having fun, pursuing excellence, and building the most innovative cloud identity and access governance platform on the market. 

Meet Dave Culbertson

Dave has a dual role at Saviynt as the Vice President of the Partner Solutions Engineering organization and overseeing Saviynt Sales Enablement. With over 30 years of industry experience, Dave leads a global team of technical pre-sales people (SEs) that support our channel ecosystem of System Integrator partners and regional and boutique channels. When he’s not at work, he’s playing — in the studio. He’s passionate about seeking greatness inspiring others at work and on the stage and loves recording and performing music.

Tell us a little bit about what you do each day at Saviynt

I help develop both process and technology instrumentation for the entire revenue organization.  Now, we can quickly ramp new sales reps and subject experts as well as continue to give our existing sales forces new and updated skills. It’s really fun to see the sales teams grow and watch sales numbers blossom as a result of that effort.

Fresh off the jam sesh

What’s your favorite part about working at Saviynt?

For me, two things are really important. One, can I find satisfaction in what I do on a daily basis? And am I working with good people who have a passion for their job? That’s what I love first and foremost about my Saviynt peers, the people who report to me, and a lot of leadership I report to: they are really sharp, competent people who are passionate about what they do and are inspiring to work with. 

I bring the perspective of over 20 years in identity and access management, so I’m keenly cognizant that Saviynt does something special. It’s not like the other products in the market, and our customers are validating that through our growth. We bring a level of innovation and creativity that really transforms how organizations address identity. It impacts so many facets of what they do. 

Enjoying time with the fam

What gets you out of bed in the morning?  

I see a lot of growth potential here for me personally. I like the opportunity to take on new challenges and leadership roles that help me continuously learn. How can we do the things that we do well even better? That’s the kind of question I wake up every day eager to answer. 

One of the leaders here has been talking about the book, Good to Great. It talks about how the enemy of “great” is good. Meaning, a lot of companies fall short of greatness because everything they do is focused on just getting to good, and never putting in that extra 5% that makes the difference 100% of the time.

I think we’re in a really good position as a company to do what we need to do and elevate our game to greatness. I enjoy being part of a team that wakes up every day seeking to become the best in the market. 

Onstage during Christmas Eve services

What new skills have you gained this year at Saviynt (or what new skills are you working toward?)

Patience. In a smaller, nimble company, our tendencies are to run at full speed, break-neck pace. Speed and agility are almost a requirement of business if you wish to be successful in a competitive market. However, when you and your teams are running flat-out, one of the challenges is not to lose sight of the human element. 

We’re not machines designed to run 24-7.  And in a high-velocity business, it’s easy to lose patience with processes, people, and especially technology. But a little patience teaches us that there is always time to take a pause, inspect how things are worded, and review the nature of our actions. 

How did you adapt to the extra work-related stresses that stemmed from the pandemic?

One word: music. Specifically my own music, but listening to good music by others too. While I don’t read for leisure or watch much TV, I’m a big concert-goer. The entire time we were closed down, my soul was starving for live concerts. I also enjoy watching many different informational and how-to channels on social media networks like YouTube. I’m a huge fan of the content creator community. 

Deep in the studio

With my wife Cheryl and son Wes in Hawaii, 2019

What do you do when you aren’t working at Saviynt? 

My life outside of Saviynt revolves around my music and family life. My wife Cheryl and I have been married for 27 lovely years, and we have a son (Wesley) who is a High School Sophomore, and two obnoxious dogs. I’m active in local music communities and have an active role in a worship band in my local church. In my last 25+ years of studio recordings, I’ve dabbled in many instruments, but my first love is the guitar. If you ask to see pictures of my family, I’ll likely show you my guitar-children too. 😉 

Dave with two good friends

What would you say to someone who is considering working at Saviynt?

For those who are considering coming to Saviynt, think about this: you’re going to be involved with an organization, customers, and partners who can challenge you every day. The good news is, Saviynt is still at a size where the impact of the individual is significant. You, as an individual, will have a direct influence. And if you want to be a part of the winds of change in this market — whether in cloud-delivered IGA or in new ways to look at privileged access — we’re it. 

At the same time, we’ve exited that startup mold so the uncertainty has now evolved into a stable, healthy, growing, well-supported, venture-backed company. With the way analysts view us, and the way the market views us — and most importantly, the way our customers view us — the stars appear to be aligning.

Come join us, we’d love to have you.


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