Next-generation Salesforce Security

Entitlement administration for next-generation apps & portals on

Saviynt + Salesforce

As organizations plan to build their next-generation portals and applications on, they want to leverage Salesforce’s out-of-box entitlement model for controlling access all the way up to granular object fields. Saviynt for provides a comprehensive entitlement administration and governance platform for entitlements. entitlements can be logically conformed into products, services, or any other administrative entities in Saviynt with a flexible hierarchical / inheritance model. Enterprises can then enable end users and customer / portal administrators with self-service / delegation tools to manage access. Portal and security administrators can build Attribute-based and / or Roles-based Access Policies to enforce complex business rules. Saviynt then seamlessly provisions and manages the fine-grained entitlements for all applications built on

Complete visibility into access and activity with intelligent monitoring

Gain complete visibility into user and administrative activity in
Salesforce. Leverage Saviynt to perform user behavioral analytics to detect high risk activity based on various risk scoring parameters including volume spike, event rarity, outlier access, policy/control violations, threat intelligence etc. Saviynt enables enterprises to perform signature-less analysis for rapid detection, effective investigation and closed-loop security response.

Complete visibility into access and activity with intelligent monitoring

Simplify Identity Management and Governance for Salesforce including privilege access

Get your arms around streamlining access to various modules. Saviynt enables automatic rules-based (ABAC) as well as request-based provisioning of fine-grained access to Furthermore, Saviynt provides complete orchestration of access for end users and privileged users with user’s access life-cycle events. This includes ownership management of privilege / service / shared accounts, periodic and event-driven risk-based access certification, enforcement of security controls, and compliance and security reporting.

Enforce Consistent Segregation of Duty (SOD) Rules and Security Policies

Saviynt Access Protect TM provides a flexible rules engine and SOD management capabilities for application and business owners to define, enforce and manage business and security policies to Salesforce and its resources. Saviynt has out-of-box SOD rulesets that enterprises can further tweak as per business and compliance mandates. The policies combined with a rich dashboard provide a granular view into security posture of Salesforce and clearly identifies gaps in current environment with ‘actionable’ responses. In addition, Access Protect TM can be integrated with Access Request and Review in a preventive mode to ensure environment stays clean.

How Saviynt Can Help Secure your Salesforce Platform

Featuring Nabeel Nizar, Vice President of Sales Engineering