Saviynt Launches Industry’s First Free Security Analyzer for AWS

Los Angeles, CA –(Marketwired – November 29, 2016) – Saviynt, a leader in Cloud Security and Identity Governance solutions, today announced the availability of industry’s first free security risk assessment solution for Amazon Web Services (AWS). The offering provides enterprises with greater visibility and continuous risk monitoring of critical infrastructure assets on AWS. The solution is delivered 2 ways – as a Splunk application on Splunkbase and Saviynt Cloud as a SaaS application.

Liability requirements dictate that organizations share responsibility to comply with evolving regulatory mandates and security requirements while migrating workloads to AWS. Saviynt’s risk assessment solution when combined with robust security tools already provided by AWS, enable enterprises to build the desired assurance framework.

Designed specifically to address security and compliance challenges that organizations face while adopting a cloud-first strategy, Saviynt scans customer’s AWS accounts against 250 risk signatures based on CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark and other industry best practices. Insight gained from this continuous monitoring will enable customers to then implement a robust remediation process across IAM Console, EC2, CloudFormation, S3 and other AWS resources.

“Our goal is to enable organizations to accelerate IaaS adoption with greater confidence. We have built the most comprehensive security controls library that our customers can benefit from,” says Sachin Nayyar, CEO of Saviynt. He added, “Through this free risk assessment solution, we have created a model to crowd source additional security controls that will help the industry manage risks even more effectively.”

Adrian Sanabria, Senior Security Analyst with 451 Research says, “Public cloud providers like Amazon are adding services and features at an impressive pace. As organizations continue to build out cloud infrastructure, we find the primary difficulty is awareness of security issues, not difficulty in implementing them. Attackers particularly look for commonly overlooked security mistakes – the kind that could easily be discovered and dealt with, provided we knew what to look for. Saviynt’s inclusion of best practices and common controls is expected, of course. Each organization uses the cloud differently, however, so the ability to add custom controls checks is also essential.”

“This free solution has been released for AWS and we will soon be launching the solution for other IaaS and DevOps platforms such as Microsoft Azure, Docker, OpenStack, Chef and Puppet in the coming months. Saviynt also offers a premium version of this solution that empowers users with multi-AWS accounts support and real-time remediation.” says Yash Prakash, VP of Product Management.

The application can be downloaded here.

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