Platform Specific Controls


SalesForce provides Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) business applications that tightly integrate business processes organization wide in the cloud. ERP business applications are the cornerstone for any organization. An organization’s most critical business cycles and most sensitive data are most often managed by an ERP and as such the risk inherent in these applications is critical and must be controlled effectively.

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Identity Governance

Showing 10 controls:
Control TitleControl TypeRisk Rating
External users with Write access to object records Identity GovernanceHigh
Groups with access to Object records Identity GovernanceMedium
Groups with no users Identity GovernanceLow
Manual Sharing of object records to External Users Identity GovernanceHigh
Permission Set Usage Identity GovernanceLow
Profile Usage Identity GovernanceLow
SalesForce – Govern Access to Critical Roles Identity Governance, IT General Controls, Least PrivilegeHigh
Users with high risk permissions Identity Governance, Least PrivilegeHigh
Users with Modify All Data Permissions Identity GovernanceHigh
Users with View All Data Permissions Identity GovernanceLow

Least Privilege