I have Access, Therefore IAM

Guest Author - Chris Veith

Guest Author - Chris Veith

Director Strategic Alliances, OneLogin, Inc.

I have Access, Therefore IAM​​​

Habeo Access, ergo sum – “I have Access, Therefore IAM”

I recently met with an Information Security Director at a large financial services company. She was 18 months into a migration from a cumbersome, legacy on-premises WAM solution.  She had migrated only 25% of her applications to their current solution. She concluded our meeting by telling me, “I feel like I am walking around this office in cement shoes.” She is not alone. Granting user access without  an effective identity and access management (IAM) strategy weighs down security professionals. We cannot assume that “I have access; therefore I AM.”

The discomfort imposed by legacy access management solutions for their administrators is matched only by the frustration expressed by the users they serve.   

The origins of this discomfort and frustration is primarily found in 3 areas:

– The rapidly evolving, expanding application environment comprised of on-premise and cloud applications.

– The broadening ecosystem of identities that need access to an organization’s applications and data.

– The proliferation of endpoints for accessing applications.

What was even more painful for the Information Security Director was her awareness that upgrading the Legacy security solution would not reduce her discomfort or her users’ frustration. Legacy security solutions were not designed to address today’s new technology landscape.

To address this new technology ecosystem, security executives need a holistic mindset. In discovery sessions we conduct for large organizations, we are always shocked by the number of security solutions deployed and the limited value delivered.  

Buying Security solutions is not a strategy.

Today’s technology ecosystem has created an access challenge; who requires access to what. Access to applications, data, tools and more are the prerequisites for an employee performing his job.

A holistic approach to Access incorporates an Access Governance solution to manage and control the “Entitlement” process and an Access Management solution to facilitate and monitor access to applications and data. A modern solution allows administrators to be nimble to address the new security landscape.

The advantages of jointly deploying a modern Access Governance-Access Management solution and thereby establishing a solid foundation to an enterprise’s complete security infrastructure are:

Comprehensive management of your Identity ecosystem

Security – Give users the correct permissions to ensure that users are only authorized access to or with the right things

Productivity – Rapidly on and off-board all types of team members from your applications – employees, partners, suppliers, customers and more

Audit – Modern tools provide modern insights into access to help meet new compliance mandates

OneLogin and Saviynt provide a powerful integrated solution to help enterprises improve security and meet identity governance and compliance needs across their hybrid, cloud and on-prem IT environments.

The combined offering extends greater security and auditability for any and all users, with any role, for any policy, entitlement or control, regardless of endpoint or device initiating the access request.

If you want out of those concrete boots and into a pair of dancing shoes, give us a call.

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