Identity 3.0

Pioneering the next generation of risk-aware identity

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Identity is fundamentally changing.

The definition of identity is radically expanding. From traditional employees, vendors and contractors, and customers and partners, identity has quietly grown to include silicon entities like IoT devices, bots, service accounts, RPA, workloads, and more. All of those identities need access to enterprise data stored and secured across a multi-cloud environment: on-premises, across collaboration platforms, in SaaS and DevOps environments. Balancing frictionless access with security and compliance concerns is no small task.


Evolving security challenges demand a future proof approach.

With complexity growing, security risks on the rise, and regulatory mandates evolving quickly, you need a future-proof solution that will let you confidently embrace new technologies and realize the full value of your ever-expanding ecosystem.

A security platform that will safeguard your enterprise against today’s threats and tomorrow’s without disrupting business agility. Centralized controls and deep visibility into all access and activity, so you can maintain compliance even as rules change. A platform solution that can effortlessly scale with enterprise growth.

Saviynt's platform secures your enterprise so you can focus on business.

Only Saviynt with its Saviynt Security Manager platform provides the visibility, security, and governance today’s businesses need, in a single unified platform.

We provide enterprises with comprehensive visibility, gathering all identity and risk signals from across your extended hybrid ecosystem. We help you understand and contextualize that data with powerful dashboard analytics. And we provide powerful tools to safely and automatically remediate threats in real time.

Saviynt’s been leading the evolution of strong identity governance for more than a decade, changing the game for companies around the world and in every vertical. With Identity 3.0 as the vision, our solution future-proofs your enterprise so you can confidently accelerate your digital transformation.

Saviynt CEO Amit Saha explains Identity 3.0...and how it's poised to change everything.

In his keynote address at Converge ’19, our annual global conference in Las Vegas, Saviynt’s chief executive officer Amit Saha introduced Identity 3.0 to the crowd, and walked them through the extraordinary benefits of adopting the philosophy.

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Continuous Convergence Keeps Security One Step Ahead

  • Saviynt’s Identity 3.0 is built on our consistent integration of diverse identity and risk.
  • We started with an elastic identity foundation, and it’s stretched to encompass the breadth and depth of identity, access, compliance, behavior and risk information available in the enterprise.
  • We applied analytics to not just have data, but gain actionable insight and value from it.
  • We enabled real-time communication so the entire ecosystem could benefit from our Intelligent Identity Hub.
  • And now we are blazing the way in creating the identity and risk-aware foundation.
  • Each portion of our platform solution enables intelligent identity for smarter security.

Five Innovative Solutions, One Dependable Platform

Identity Governance and Administration

A foundation of intelligence and automation
Saviynt’s Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) delivers traditional provisioning, access request, certification and governance features but also employs access analytics. We enable organizations to compare user access to peers to identify risk and streamline approval, giving visibility where access would increase risk, violate Segregation of Duties (SoD) requirements, or conflict with various compliance requirements. With Saviynt’s IGA, organizations meet operational efficiency, agility, and security requirements.

Cloud Privileged Access Management

Keeping centralized control over all privileged access
Cloud migration streamlines business operations, but malicious actors increasingly hijack privileged credentials as a way to infiltrate IT infrastructures and deploy advanced persistent threat attacks. Saviynt’s cloud-native Privileged Access Management (Cloud PAM) solution delivers security and governance over your most critical accounts and identities to accelerate your full cloud transformation and security strategy.

Application Access Governance

Enabling superior depth of visibility
Saviynt assists enterprises in meeting compliance mandates by offering one of the most advanced Application Access Governance solutions, examining complex application entitlements and utilizing over 250 out-of-the-box continuous compliance controls and risk rules tailored for mission-critical applications. Saviynt enables internal audit and security teams to define business rules, identify conflicts/violations, and remediate violations via an intuitive workbench.

Data Access Governance

Extending governance into structured and unstructured data
Saviynt's Data Access Governance solutions allow organizations to discover, analyze, protect, and manage sensitive and mission-critical data throughout the organizational ecosystem whether on-premises, in the cloud, or hybrid. We aggregate accounts and access information to help you discover ‘where your critical data is’ and identify ‘who has access to it’ across cloud providers, enterprise data sources and applications/platforms. With Saviynt’s near real-time remediation of risky activity, organizations can ensure their most critical data is being governed effectively.

Identity Risk Exchange

Gathering risk signals from across the ecosystem for smarter security
Saviynt's Identity Risk Exchange integrates with sources of identity and risk across the ecosystem. ITSMs, CMDBs, UEBA/SIEMs, WAFs, eGRC, and other identity and monitoring tools are all aggregated into the Saviynt Intelligent Identity Hub to enrich identity data, trigger notifications of new risk and assets, and extend sharing of identity and governance information to understand the complete, holistic identity risk portrait and posture of your digital landscape.

Identity 3.0: A Future-Proof Solution For The Modern Hybrid Enterprise

Saviynt’s platform gives enterprises the visibility they need to spot control deficiencies, the industry insights to understand and contextualize their risk, and the tools to quickly implement remediation. Advanced analytics and machine learning, applied to this wealth of data, enable Saviynt to provide deep insights that keep the enterprise secure in a changing threat landscape, so your stakeholders can stay focused on driving success.

Identity 3.0 underscores Saviynt’s commitment to continue securing our customers’ business applications, infrastructure, and data with cutting edge risk insights in today’s ever-evolving threat landscape.”

Amit Saha 

CEO, Saviynt



Saviynt Insight: Innovating Identity 3.0 by Addressing Future Security Needs
Saviynt Insight: Innovating Identity 3.0 by Addressing Future Security Needs

Join Saviynt’s Chief Cloud Officer, Vibhuti Sinha for an informative discussion around Securing Privileged Access to Cloud Infrastructure and SaaS at Enterprise Scale.

Organizations know they need to manage the who, what, where, when, and why of data access. Yet increasingly, regulatory compliance and auditors require you to know how.

Identity Governance and Administration
Identity Governance and Administration

Embracing digitalization promotes future growth, customer retention and improved operations for enterprises. However, modernizing the organization’s business processes creates data security issues that arise through increased data access points, users, and privileged accounts. Meeting modern needs requires modern Identity Governance and Administration platforms which not only enable cloud, hybrid, and on premises security but provide a secure solution.

The Convergence: An Introduction
The Convergence: An Introduction

Identity Governance and Administration is– and to have effective security must be– that common meeting point of many different security disciplines. As we approach Saviynt’s third-annual user conference, Converge ‘19, we’ll be sharing a series of blog posts discussing why identity convergence is necessary for today’s risk-filled digital landscapes.


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