Farewell Gartner Magic Quadrant for IGA

Yash Prakash

Yash Prakash

Farewell Gartner Magic Quadrant for IGA

Evolution of IGA  Part 1

Heraclitus noted the one constant in life is change. This has never been more true than it is today. In the midst of a global pandemic, at a time when debates about reopening states and counties dominate the headlines, some changes are flying under the radar. Industry-specific changes tend to garner less attention in the current climate but that doesn’t make them any less important. One such change was recently announced by Gartner.

Gartner declared the Magic Quadrant for IGA would be retired and replaced with a market guide. The retirement of the Magic Quadrant is a sign that the IGA market has matured and stabilized, which shows just how critical and intrinsic identity is for holistic security and is an enabler for an organization’s business transformation programs. Security itself has morphed from an on-site protection model to an adaptive process that covers both on-premise as well as cloud workloads. Cybersecurity adapted, using digital identity as the gatekeeper. Even, IDaaS features are now integral to IaaS offerings, transforming the way Identity is perceived.  Enterprises now rely on Identity more than ever to determine access to applications, data and infrastructure creating this new security perimeter.   

For those of us who’ve followed the IGA MQ for a long time, it’s a bittersweet farewell to valuable measurement of market positioning. The excitement and anticipation of awaiting the day the MQ drops and we can see comparative positioning has given way to market maturity. No longer can we measure how our positions have changed from the previous year. The excitement of innovating in an emerging market has blossomed into the passion of constantly improving a sophisticated system. We now look to the future in anticipation of a more comprehensive market guide. 

I wanted to pen my thoughts on what this means for organizations that looked to the MQ as a primary guiding factor in the product selection process. I also want to reflect on our journey thus far, as well as our commitment to category-creating innovation.

It’s been a fun run with IGA MQ

Coming out of our incubation phase, Saviynt participated in the last four IGA Magic Quadrants.  We’ve consistently improved our positioning year over year and were recognized as a Leader for two consecutive years. A crucial component of this has been our product team’s commitment to relentless innovation and our obsession with customer success. Below is a visual representation of our progress.

Saviynt swiftly moved into the Leader’s quadrant and leaped ahead of the competition. We experienced a significant addition to our customer base due to our revolutionary innovation driven by our commitment to delivering outstanding customer service in a way that bolsters security and compliance. Even more impressive, beyond the positioning, is Gartner calling out Saviynt as the “most fully-featured IGA solution delivered as a service of any vendor reviewed in the 2019 Magic Quadrant report”. 

Our Vision of Convergence

Saviynt led the charge when it came to the concept of Convergence. As an innovator in the realm of identity, Saviynt pioneered Identity 2.0. We built a platform and baked in the capabilities of what were previously adjacent segments from the get-go, including SOD Controls Monitoring (Gartner account needed), Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) and identity-centric cloud security capabilities. Saviynt is the only IGA player to feature in these Gartner reports with an integrated platform offering. 

In this recent Gartner research article, analysts articulate the fusion and subsequent breakup of IGA functions and the growing prominence of Converged SaaS delivered platforms. IGA was brought to the mainstream and popularized by Gartner in 2013 when they first created the IGA Magic Quadrant report. 

Saviynt stands as one of the premier integrated IGA platform offerings. Never one to rest on our laurels. Saviynt introduced the next  step in its innovation, Identity 3.0 at CONVERGE’19. We extended our convergence philosophy to PAM (Privileged Access Management) and help our customers with rapid adoption as they modernize their IT with cloud-first strategy. Unlike our competition, Cloud Privileged Access Management addresses infrastructure workloads as well as critical SaaS and on-premise applications, that are often overlooked or left out of other offerings. Cloud PAM makes Saviynt’s platform the most robust on the market, integrating cloud-native privileged access management into our overall IGA offering, in turn, providing a truly holistic solution for improving security and mitigating risk. In addition, Saviynt made a huge leap in bringing identity closer to an organization’s cybersecurity strategy with Identity Risk Exchange

Depicted above is the way that Gartner views the break out of IGA Functions
Depicted above is the evolution of IGA into Identity 3.0 including the breakout functionalities.

IGA Platforms trump Point Solutions Long Term

Our goal is to offer a converged platform that includes multiple capabilities and flexibility on when to adopt each depending on the business need. While point solutions might be sufficient for addressing a single area need, they fall short when additional business needs arise. 

Going for specialist Identity and Access Management (IAM) tools often result in point solutions that are not integrated, such as Active Directory Group management, third party or vendor access management. This leads to a more siloed approach in managing and governing different assets. 

By adopting an integrated platform, you benefit from a solution that caters to the long view. Integrated platforms are designed to address multiple business needs to facilitate cross-communication while allowing centralized administration and visualization in a user-friendly interface. Even if only one or two components need to be implemented immediately, the platform approach allows for long term growth and scalability. This frictionless adoption of new capabilities reduces deployment overhead and accelerates implementation but also grants a deep integration with ITSM platforms delivering a more seamless experience for end-users.

Innovation & Disruption Continues

Whether it is the novel concept of Intelligent Identity Hub, that delivers 360° visibility of identity, access and activity or Identity Risk Exchange, where we bring information from various security solutions to enable customers to effectively secure the hybrid enterprise, Saviynt is pushing the envelope with its Identity 3.0 vision.

Saviynt continues with adding advanced analytics and applying machine learning techniques to provide deep insights and benchmark an enterprise’s IAM maturity across industry verticals and its peers, identify baselined control deficiencies, provide remediation recommendations, among other things. 

So while we bid a fond farewell to the Gartner Magic Quadrant, Saviynt’s commitment continues. We will remain a leader, forging new paths with the convergence of identity and security. Join us, as we explore the evolution of IGA through the lens of Saviynt’s innovation in the upcoming components of this series.

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