Enterprise Identity Cloud: Accelerate Your Zero-Trust Journey with New Microsoft Integrations

Enterprise Identity Cloud: Accelerate Your Zero-Trust Journey with New Microsoft Integrations

Erin Duncan

Erin Duncan

Saviynt 2021 Release Supports Key Microsoft Technologies Through Integrations

Modern enterprise ecosystems continue to shape the way we think about identity, and how it can improve security and risk management. With continued cloud adoption, access sprawl is on the rise and Microsoft customers now require fine-grained privileged access management capabilities to secure their cloud assets and ensure identity perimeters are secure and compliant. Our latest Enterprise Identity Cloud (EIC) release helps minimize access sprawl, reduce privilege risks, and simplify identity and access technology adoption.

EIC eliminates the need for multiple identity management products and vendors, and integrates deeply with Microsoft platforms and services. New and enhanced features in the 2021 release include:

  • Azure AD PIM integration
  • Microsoft Teams integration 
  • Enhanced Active Directory support

“Saviynt’s latest release proves its continued commitment to supporting Microsoft customers as they solve complex identity and access challenges in the cloud era,” said Sue Bohn, Vice President of Program Management for Identity and Network Access at Microsoft Corporation. “With deeper integrations for Azure AD, Azure AD PIM, and Teams, our joint customers can fast track security initiatives and ensure secure access across their Microsoft ecosystem.”

Read the full press release and explore the new capabilities below. 

Reduce Risk Exposure and Privileged Account Credential Theft

Azure AD PIM Integration

Saviynt Cloud Privileged Access Management’s deep integration with Azure AD PIM delivers comprehensive, multi-cloud privileged identity and session management. This integration extends Azure AD PIM to manage privileged access for IaaS workloads and SaaS platforms. 

Saviynt enriches the native capabilities provided by Azure AD PIM for just-in-time, just-enough, and time-bound access with fine-grained access provisioning for Azure AD-connected applications centered on the principles of Zero Trust. This integration helps organizations reduce risk exposure and privileged account credential theft.

The new Azure AD PIM and Saviynt Cloud PAM Integration also enables secure privileged session management for monitoring, auditing, and reporting.

End user raises time-bound request in Azure AD PIM

Over-the-shoulder session monitoring through Saviynt CPAM

Additionally, EIC expands on Azure AD PIM and Azure AD Entitlement Management capabilities with:

  • Deeper insights into unused access through intelligent, actionable analytics to reduce access sprawl and manage un-governed Azure AD applications
  • Over-the-shoulder monitoring with native log correlation that provides advanced tools to infosec engineers to take proactive measures in reducing malicious activities
  • Fine-grained segregation of duty (SoD) simulations for access provisioned through Azure AD Access Packages enables you to reduce risk due to conflict of interest violations

Submit and Approve Access Requests Fast

Microsoft Teams Integration

Identity solutions shouldn’t require users to log in to the platform to request or approve access. With our new release, organizations that have deployed Microsoft Teams can use the platform to submit and approve access requests in real time.

Access request within the Microsoft Teams interface awaiting approval

Saviynt also provides a mobile app, browser plug-in, native ServiceNow app, and Slack integration to meet users wherever they are working, speeding up access requests & approvals

Minimize Identity Sprawl and Streamline AD Management

Active Directory Support

Using the built-in AD and ADSI connectors, you can vault privileged AD accounts and rotate passwords via Saviynt CPAM. CPAM provides just-in-time role elevation for AD accounts and credentialed privileged access for emergency access requests. 

For admins, CPAM provides credential-less access to AD management tools, such as Active Directory Users and Computers. 

Admins can submit requests for credential-less, time-bound access to Active Directory Users and Computers.

The Active Directory Users and Computers session can be launched from the Available Sessions screen once access is approved.

For more information about Saviynt’s 2021 Release, please read the press release and the full release notes (requires log-in). To see the new features in action, schedule a demo

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