Helping Toyota Connected Meet Cloud Adoption and Security Mandates

“Having. . .very granular cloud security policies and standards, but also having a way to detect if there’s a non-compliance or identify folks that get outside the guiderails we set…Saviynt is a key tool in our control framework that helps us do that.”

Arnold Abernathy, Deputy Chief Security Officer for Toyota Connected, North America
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How Saviynt helped Toyota Connected expand its cloud initiatives

Millions of Toyota vehicle owners worldwide use the premier mobility platform Toyota Connected. In this video, hear Deputy CISO Arnold Abernathy explain how Toyota Connected had concerns about traditional security countermeasures slowing down DevOps teams, and how Saviynt’s solution enabled a trust-but-verify approach and granular cloud security standards that ensured Toyota Connected could confidently enable CI/CD for the DevOps team, and safely build the next generation of driver experiences.

Toyota Connected's Challenge

Toyota Connected provides safety features, remote access, emergency response, and mobile entertainment to millions of customers around the world.

Based in Plano, Texas, Toyota Connected is spearheading Toyota’s transition from an automotive company to a mobility experience, utilizing state-of-the-art technology and artificial intelligence to provide services that predict and fulfill driver needs.

Toyota Connected needed to update its identity governance and administration (IGA) solution for its cloud-based digital Connected Mobility Intelligence Platform, so they could confidently manage an agile DevOps environment across multiple identities operating from multiple access points. Enabling this “excessive access” without introducing security risk meant Toyota Connected needed total visibility—including discovering security outliers and determining anomalous privileged access activity across all identities. Avoiding disruption to the activity of their groundbreaking DevOps teams during the upgrade was mission critical.

Saviynt's Solution

“A lot of people jump to the tools, in cloud, without that deep knowledge of your environment, and I think there’s a risk there,” says Abernathy. Saviynt’s Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) solution provided Toyota Connected with the visibility, security, and fine-grained access standards they needed to confidently enable a CI/CD environment for DevOPs while keeping the enterprise safe. With Saviynt in place, Toyota Connected could:

  • Meet cloud adoption and security goals
  • Enable a sophisticated, fast-paced CI/CD environment
  • Quickly spot and remediate excessive access and other anomalous conditions
  • Gain total visibility into access and activity
  • Safely permit developer access into production environments
  •  Adopt an identity-first “trust but verify” security posture

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