The 2018 Agenda

The 2018 conference has been designed to be cut a number of different ways based on your key priorities and challenges. Explore the agenda now.

Our topic-focused agenda delivers insights across 12 disciplines, covering the challenges most critical to IT executives.

Location: Registration Desk 4

10:00AM – 10:40AM
Deloitte: Identity – The fabric that helps enable and protect your business
Location: Grand Ballroom 7
Speaker: Chirag Patel, Principal, Deloitte

Identity can be the core of how organizations better manage their cyber risk, if enabled in the right way. Join us as we exchange insights on how to leverage the context of one’s identity to drive synergies across security capabilities to better manage business risk and guard against cyber threats. The session will also touch on common challenges around cloud migration, cross-application segregation of duties risk and enabling identity micro-services in an agile fashion.

10:00AM – 10:40AM
Wipro: How an Integrated Identity Services can detect and prevent insider fraudulent access
Location: Grand Ballroom 9
Speaker: Bala Bhaskar Gurram, General Manager, Wipro

We all have seen how an Identity Governance & Administration (IGA) system can help in automating identify lifecycle operations and assist in streamlining access governance tasks. There are many such wonderful Identity & Access Management (IAM) technologies in an enterprise today providing benefits but limited to their own space. Modern IAM technologies interoperable capabilities and their integrated power can unleash far greater benefits especially in detecting and preventing identity or access related misuse at very early stages to avoid unimaginable consequences associated with it. Wipro will be using this opportunity to showcase an integrated identity framework and a solution to detect and prevent such misuse.

11:00AM – 12:15PM
Kick off and Innovation Keynote – Shaping the Future of Security with Identity
Location: Grand Ballroom 3+6
Speakers: Sachin Nayyar / Amit Saha, Saviynt

Enterprises are going through significant transformation to meet the demands in a rapidly changing world. The proliferation of cloud-based infrastructure, applications, devices, users and robotic processes that require access to critical systems to get the job done is a complicated and critical axis of control risk professionals require. Traditional approaches to security are inadequate and point solutions are not enough when the need is to consolidate and correlate for improved security.

The need of the hour is to offer interoperable solutions that work in a hybrid IT environment, to ultimately ensure secure access and protection of assets regardless of where it resides.
12:15PM – 12:30PM
Time to grab lunch
Location: Grand Ballroom 3+6

12:30PM – 1:15PM
EY: Maximizing the Economics of a Cloud-Delivered IGA Program
Location: Grand Ballroom 3+6
Speaker: Kaushal Patel, Executive Director, EY
Speaker: Arun K Singh, Principal, EY

Now is the time to take advantage of a managed, cloud-delivered service to handle your identity and access governance capabilities. No matter where your business-critical systems and applications operate today – on-premises, or via as-a-service – the winning path toward future-proof digital transformation must be secure and compliant.

In this Converge ’18 experts’ panel, IAM leaders from AutoNation, EY, Suncor Energy, and VMware will discuss why a cloud-delivered identity governance program is the most economical, and scalable way to govern access for identities, RPA bots, and IoT devices across hybrid IT environments. In this discussion, you’ll learn how you can achieve continuous compliance securely, and with confidence. Moderator: Kaushal Patel, Executive Director, EY

  • John Hoaglun, Director – Identity Access Management, AutoNation
  • Tim Mooney, Director of Information Security, VMware
  • 1:15PM – 1:30PM
    Networking Break
    Location: Patio

    1:30PM – 2:10PM
    Radiant Logic: Building a Solid Identity Foundation for Access, Administration, and Governance at McKesson
    Location: Grand Ballroom 7
    Speaker: Naveen Goswami, Senior Security Engineer, McKesson Corporation

    McKesson has taken a holistic approach to IAM and IGA. The initial Identity architecture identified four pillars of Identity: Identity Management, Identity Data Services, Access Management, and Audit, Role & Compliance. As we investigated each of these pillars more closely, it became clear that Identity Data Services were in fact a foundation for each of the other pillars.

    This session will focus on McKesson’s approach to building an Identity Data Services foundation with a Federated Identity and Directory Service (Radiant Logic). By connecting to each silo and doing the heavy integration lifting only once, McKesson is able to serve all of their Identity pillars and application initiatives vs. doing the same work for every initiative. Naveen will focus on examples that illustrate how the IGA layer (Saviynt) along with specific applications benefit from this foundation in an environment where each geographical region has its own AD and there are hundreds of application specific data sources that must be integrated.
    1:30PM – 2:10PM
    Simeio Solutions: DIAMOND – How Investors Bank is addressing Identity Access Risk
    Location: Grand Ballroom 9
    Speakers: Rich Iandoli, Vice President, Head of IAM, Investor’s Bank / Shawn Keve, Executive Vice President, Simeio Solutions

    With security breaches increasing at a previously unheard of rate and regulations getting tighter with stricter mandates, the Information Security team at Investors Bank, led by Rich Iandoli, had been working tirelessly to get ahead of the curve by undertaking many initiatives to ensure that information remains secure.

    Join Simeio’s session to learn how Investors Bank was able to tackle the constantly changing identity threat landscape and streamline IAM processes by leveraging IGA as a Service with Project DIAMOND. (Digital Identity Access Management ON Demand)
    2:20PM – 3:00PM
    TCS: Identity as a Managed Service (IDaaMS) – Faster, Risk Managed, and Cost Effective
    Location: Grand Ballroom 7
    Speaker: Narayan Sharma, IAM COE Head, TCS

    The session will cover challenges with the traditional approaches to IAM program executions, especially in the SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud) and continuous compliance era. The IDaaMS model would be defined covering the service construct, IAM use cases, learnings and best practices from the field. The session would conclude with an advice around how the customers should go about evaluating the IDaaMS options and execution strategy.

    2:20PM – 3:00PM
    Ping Identity: Journey to the Cloud through a Hybrid IT World
    Location: Grand Ballroom 9
    Speaker: Loren Russon, Vice President, Product Management, Ping Identity

    You need to get to the cloud but it’s a tough journey. Join Loren Russon as he maps out the route modern identity takes you from yesterday’s on-prem datacenters through today’s Hybrid IT landscape to the destination in the clouds. Your intelligent identity platform will guide the way.

    3:00PM – 3:15PM
    Networking & Snack Break
    Location: Patio

    3:15PM – 3:55PM
    Fishtech: How Mature is your Identity Access Management Program
    Location: Grand Ballroom 7
    Speaker: Jason Berland, Solutions Architect, Fishtech

    How Mature is your Identity Access Management Program? We will cover the strategy, organizational philosophy, and vision involved in maturing your IAM program. We’ll also cover pain points, current tools, specific use cases, and requirements; determining overall landscape and success criteria; and targeting capabilities, technical integration, and environment.

    3:15PM – 3:55PM
    OneLogin: Unified Access Management – Tackling on-prem identity from the cloud
    Location: Grand Ballroom 9
    Speaker: Thomas Pedersen, Chief Technology Officer & Founder, OneLogin

    Although many enterprises already use hundreds of cloud applications, some of their toughest identity challenges reside behind the firewall where aging legacy apps are being managed by rigid, dated on-prem IAM solutions. OneLogin will explore how enterprises can extend the flexibility and superior experience of IDaaS to manage legacy applications together with modern cloud apps in a single, unified solution.

    3:55PM – 4:40PM
    Expo Session
    Location: Patio

    4:40PM – 5:15PM
    Closing Keynote: Ed Viesturs – No Shortcuts in Risk Management
    Location: Grand Ballroom 3+6
    Speaker: Ed Viesturs

    Ed Viesturs is widely regarded as this country’s foremost high-altitude mountaineer and has successfully reached the summits of all of the world’s fourteen 8000-meter peaks without supplemental oxygen (and the only American to accomplish this).

    Viesturs has published two books, including his best selling autobiography “No Shortcuts To The Top” and his second book “K-2, Life and Death on The World’s Most Dangerous Mountains” detailing his 6 historic expeditions climbing the world’s second highest peak. Viesturs will join us at Saviynt Converge to talk about how his life experiences have led to overcoming some major obstacles, and how he made those decisions under extreme pressure. While not life or death, corporate business and IT managers are facing the same pressure from threats they can not full grasp. They have trouble quantifying these threats making it difficult to explain to the board to potential impact if gone unaddressed.
    5:15PM – 5:45PM
    Closing Keynote: Jim Dubois – Accelerating Digital Business Transformation
    Location: Grand Ballroom 3+6
    Speaker: Jim Dubois

    Faced with the challenge to modernise Microsoft under Satya Nadella, Jim learned many lessons around what works and what doesn’t in driving transformation. After effectively completing the initial transformation goals, Jim will be sharing the practical lessons that he learned the hard way.

    5:45PM – 6:10PM
    Customer and Partner Awards
    Location: Grand Ballroom 3+6

    6:10PM – 6:15PM
    Conference Closing
    Location: Patio

    6:15PM – 7:15PM
    Location: Patio

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