Covid-19 Guidelines and Protocols
Health & Safety

The last 18 months have been extraordinary in terms of health and safety for in-person gatherings, which is why we’re taking every precaution to ensure the Saviynt community feels safe during CONVERGE 21. These precautions started with the hotel and venue selection. Over half of the event will be held outdoors in the California sunshine and open-air event spaces. We have also worked closely with the hotel to ensure plenty of hand sanitizing stations and extra masks for attendees — and additional cleaning procedures throughout the event. 

During the event we ask that everyone follow our health and safety guidelines. By adhering to the guidelines you’ll protect yourself and the entire Saviynt community and staff. In the event of any changes to the policy, we’ll update this page. We encourage you to check back regularly to ensure you’re up to date.


Masks Required

To best protect everybody’s health, we require masks to be worn at the event. Exceptions are in outdoor spaces with social distance and while eating food and beverage indoors when socially distanced from other participants. Masks must be worn over the nose and mouth and made of a tight-knit, non-permeable material. KN95 or standard surgical masks are recommended. Cloth masks are acceptable. Bandanas, scarves, and gators are not permitted to be used as masks. Speakers will not be required to wear masks while presenting. Participants should bring personal masks for the event, though extras will be available at event registration and information desks for those that need them.


Vaccines Required

For the safety of everyone, we request in-person attendees be fully vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus, or have a negative PCR test within 72 hours prior to arrival. Please note that Vaccine Verification or negative PCR test will be required for attendance.


Accepted Vaccines

We will accept proof of vaccination for all vaccines approved for emergency or full use by the World Health Organization for in-person attendance at this event. These currently include vaccines from Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, J&J/Janssen, Sinopharm, Sinovac, AstraZeneca/Oxford. This list will be updated as new vaccines are accepted.


Social Distancing

The key to everyone’s safety at the event will be masks, vaccines, and social distancing when possible. Many areas are mixed indoor/outdoor environments – and with the extra precautions the hotel has in place – we feel confident and look forward to welcoming you to CONVERGE21.


Safety Protocols

The following protocols will be in place at CONVERGE 21. Additions will be made as deemed necessary for everyone’s safety.

  • Mask requirement, except when outdoors, when eating and drinking in designated areas or when delivering a conference talk 
  • Wristbands indicating comfort levels for social interaction onsite (optional but encouraged)
  • Signage throughout the event indicating required health and safety protocols and encouraging hand washing, social distancing, and mask protocols
  • Outdoor areas are easily accessible for mask breaks and eating/drinking 
  • More physical space in conference rooms between speaker and attendees to allow speakers to give their talks without wearing masks while keeping attendees at a safe distance
  • Rigorous onsite cleaning and sanitizing of all touch points including cleaning of each badge check-in station between participants
  • Pre-packaged food and beverage wherever possible
  • Anyone serving food and beverage will be required to wear gloves in addition to a mask
  • Sanitizing speaker microphones between each speaker’s use
  • Plentiful sanitation stations onsite with alcohol-based hand sanitizer, wipes, and tissue
  • Personal hand sanitizer bottles and wipes will be available for those participants that would like them

At a minimum, we will be following all mandated venue, municipality, and CDC guidelines. This list, and all protocols, are subject to change as the COVID-19 situation changes.


Virtual Experience Option

Although we encourage joining in person, our virtual experience will be available for remote guests. In person or from the comfort of your home, select the option that works best for you during registration. Either way, CONVERGE 21 is the premier destination for IT and Security professionals looking to build skills and connect with top vendors.

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