Reduce Risk Exposure when using Box


Saviynt + Box

Saviynt combines traditional data classification with identity and risk intelligence techniques to discover critical data residing on Box. Access Risk Insight engine provides risk exposure index for data resources based on several factors including data sensitivity (PII, PCI, PHI or Intellectual Property etc.), ownership, access policies, external shares, user risk and method of access. A rich API further extends classification to natural language processing engines and other third party classification providers.

Single pane to monitor and control access

Saviynt provides insight into all data in Box and integrates it with enterprise-wide data and access catalog to create a single pane for management. Saviynt Access Protect can then be utilized to enforce context-aware access policies across Box and rest of enterprise. In addition, Saviynt has the ability to suggest business owners and automate the process of confirming the ownership and enhancing metadata for these resources.

As part of its comprehensive access governance offering, Saviynt allows full automation of continuous access reviews, right from scheduled certifications to those triggered automatically based on events.

This access governance oversight can also be extended for managing privilege access to sensitive resources across Box and enterprise or Cloud applications.

Single pane to monitor and control access Saviynt

How to Secure Your Box Collaboration Platform with Saviynt

Featuring Nabeel Nizar, Vice President of Sales Engineering

Prevent loss of sensitive
data from Anywhere,
Anytime, Any Device

With Saviynt’s preventive security plug-in directly deployed and integrated on enterprise’s Box tenant (read gateway-less architecture), organizations can prevent uploading of sensitive documents and detect events that violate business policies in near real-time. The unique plug-in architecture allows consistent enforcement of controls no matter which device or network is utilized to access the Box environment. A plethora of preventive measures including review, approval, quarantine, encryption, step up or multi-factor authentication, alerting, etc. can then be used to drive data access governance.

Simplified data access
policy management

Saviynt Access Protect enables business and security / compliance teams to easily define complex data access rules. In addition, these rules can be scheduled to run at periodic intervals to identify policy violations and take corrective actions. Saviynt also supports event-driven rules e.g. transfer, location change, external share / collaborator, etc. to automatically trigger access review and / or re-evaluate automatic provisioning policies to Box.

Due to Saviynt’s deep integration with enterprise access life-cycle management processes, enterprises can seamlessly integrate Box resource management in its day-to-day operations.

Harness signature-less anomaly detection to stay a step ahead Saviynt

Harness signature-less
anomaly detection to stay
a step ahead

Saviynt’s integrated analytics engine Access Analytics relies on techniques such as peer analysis, outlier identification, behavioral anomaly detection, event rarity, etc. to identify malicious activities. In addition, Saviynt has an extensive Controls Library specifically designed for Cloud Storage platforms such as Box to implement best practices for configuration, continuous monitoring and reporting.