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Shankar Ganapathy

Shankar Ganapathy

Chief Customer & Operations Officer

Saviynt Announces 2020 Customer Innovation Awards at CONVERGE 20

There’s no doubt about it. 2020 has been a year filled with unprecedented challenges for businesses around the world. And cybersecurity has been no exception. In response to COVID-19, organizations had to change the way they operate overnight as offices shut down, workforces became remote, and the IT landscape permanently evolved — opening up new threat vulnerabilities and attack vectors to protect against. The result? The rapid acceleration of digital transformation and cloud adoption has created new obstacles for global organizations.

Saviynt has worked with hundreds of the world’s largest enterprises to help them meet the emerging cybersecurity challenges that came with the COVID pandemic. Despite the operational headwinds, we’ve seen our customers adapt and remain resilient in the face of it all. And modern approaches to identity and access governance have played a significant role in making these swift changes possible. 

Last week, we heard this narrative from so many customers that took the virtual stage at our annual conference, CONVERGE 20. During the live CloudCast, it became clear that their innovative approaches to identity and access governance allowed them to adapt without compromising on efficiency, security, or compliance initiatives. At the end of the event, I couldn’t help but feel hugely thankful to work with the companies that are leading the charge to rethink cybersecurity — and take our industry forward to the next level. 

Each year at CONVERGE, we like to recognize some of the outstanding organizations on the cutting edge of cloud identity and access governance. This year, it was my pleasure to announce the award winners live from our Los Angeles headquarters. If you missed the event, you can watch the on-demand recording below and read on to get the full rundown of the leading organizations forging the future of cloud identity.

Business Agility Award: AlixPartners

In today’s enterprise, agility is key to success and value realization. Everyone is pushing for faster time to value and deployment. AlixPartners with the support of Optiv, rapidly implemented Saviynt for User Lifecycle Management, Access Requests, and Access Certifications to streamline their regulatory and compliance deliverables and reduce the overall cost and time for ongoing compliance needs. Remarkably, all of this functionality was deployed, from kickoff to go-live, in just 4.5 months into a stable, high-performance environment. 

The level of engagement, partnership, and mindset for continuous improvement we have seen from AlixPartners is unparalleled, and we believe this will continue to enable their business to drive innovation more rapidly via their technology investments. For this reason, AlixPartners wins Saviynt’s 2020 Business Agility Award.

Cloud Transformation Award: Gordon Food Service

Gordon Food Service (GFS) recently faced a significant challenge. As part of a strategic decision to implement SAP ERP, the company needed to significantly modernize its Identity Management capabilities. GFS decided to leverage Saviynt and go all-in on a “Cloud First” initiative. 

In just nine months, they successfully made the journey from their legacy systems to a 100% cloud-built Saviynt IGA system. In doing so, they have transformed vital business processes, migrated financials to SAP, and moved other critical applications to the cloud. Saviynt has enabled this transformation with a cloud-native SAP Application Access Governance solution that provides segregation of duties and governance of SAP Access. Given these remarkable achievements, we are pleased to present Gordon Food Service with Saviynt’s 2020 Cloud Transformation Award.

IGA Modernization Award: Cadence Bank

Cadence Bank recently took on the challenge of modernizing its IGA program to replace existing manual onboarding and governance processes. Key drivers included enhancing the end-user experience and streamlining the access request process for disconnected applications. Cadence Bank selected Saviynt to drive its modernization initiative through a cloud-first and frictionless user adoption process. 

In a few months, they onboarded over 120+ applications and utilized automated governance campaigns throughout their initial deployment to fulfill their audit and compliance requirements. Additionally, their newly implemented access request framework helped significantly reduce the time required to request and provision access to over 3,000 employees, vendors, and service accounts, and provided additional data for audits. End-users now have a unified system with one common UI for all user access review related tasks. It is for this reason that Cadence Bank wins our 2020 IGA Modernization Award.

Innovative Customer Of The Year: Diversey

Diversey, a provider of cleaning and hygiene products in the hospitality, healthcare, food, and beverage industries, is a rapidly growing company, moving to an industry leadership position. As part of driving innovation through technology, Diversey chose to focus on the IGA space to provide a ‘state of the art’ solution and deliver the necessary assurance to meet their current and ongoing compliance requirements. 

Since going live with Saviynt this year, Diversey has steadily extended Saviynt’s footprint to onboard business-critical applications such as SAP, Salesforce, Workday, Symphony, and Summit. In addition to leveraging Saviynt for their IGA needs, they are also leveraging Saviynt for Application Access Governance and Privileged Access Management to achieve seamless integration across their critical business functions. Saviynt recognizes Diversey’s unrelenting focus on innovation, and we are pleased to present Diversey with Saviynt’s 2020 Innovative Customer of the Year Award.

Customer of the Year Award: Marriott International

Marriott International is the world’s largest hotel chain by room count. They operate 30 brands comprising over 7400 properties across 131 countries.

The need for a single platform to manage both employee and vendor identities is key, and Marriott selected Saviynt as their enterprise IGA platform. During 2020, Marriott has deployed the largest footprint of any Saviynt customer with hundreds of thousands of users across 15 languages and 12 major application groups. Amid this complex and challenging deployment, Marriott was also the first to deploy Saviynt 2020

Enabled by Deloitte’s services, Marriott will now use Saviynt to manage identity lifecycle management across their global workforce to include over 500,000 associates, vendors, franchisees, owners, and contractors. In an ongoing effort to continuously refresh their technologies, Marriott will continue to consolidate and streamline existing workflows currently supported by legacy technologies. This will make Saviynt the enterprise request platform across their portfolio of enterprise level applications. We are proud to have Marriott as a customer, and for all the reasons mentioned above, they are the clear choice for Saviynt’s 2020 Customer of the Year Award.  

Congratulations to all this year’s winners! You should be extremely proud of all that you’ve accomplished on your identity journeys, especially during a year like 2020.

We’ve all got another challenging year ahead of us filled with so many unknowns. But after hearing the stories from our customers at CONVERGE 20, I think I speak for everyone at Saviynt when I say we are confident that whatever the world throws at us, our customers will be ready to adapt and remain resilient. And this fills us with optimism for the future.

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