The Convergence, Part 6: Identity 3.0

Diana Volere

Diana Volere

identity 3.0

We are reaching the end of our Convergence series, started in the last decade and finishing up in this one.  Before we conclude, let’s take a moment to look at the incredible changes we’ve seen and consider what the future holds for Saviynt’s disruptive, converged Identity Governance, Application GRC, and Cloud Privileged Access Management solution.  

Heraclitus, the Greek philosopher, said: “change is the only constant in life.” In the past year, Saviynt has seen a lot of change and made huge strides. Saviynt’s list of successes for the last year includes FedRAMP Authorization, completion of key information security assessments ISO 27017, ISO/IEC 27001  SOC 1, SOC2, ISO/IEC 27001, launching Cloud PAM, forming and solidifying strategic partnerships with Microsoft, AWS, GCP, SAP, Workday, Okta, Axiomatics, PlainID, UIPath, re-defining the way different users interact with a governance solution, and more. It was clearly a knock-out trip around the sun for us, culminating in industry recognition that Saviynt’s solution intrinsically differs from others in the IGA space.

But we won’t be resting on our laurels.  Attackers and threats never rest, so neither does Saviynt. Identity has become more important than ever in the prevention of breaches and the management of risk. To draw the security perimeter at Identity, it’s necessary to realize Identity has evolved. Threats and vulnerabilities come not just in the form of human users but also from unstructured data, bots, workloads, IoT devices, and more. Saviynt’s convergence of these identities and the tools to govern them into one platform is the holistic view of identity needed now and for our future. 

Identity Evolved

Once the term Identity referred mainly to human users located within an organization. In today’s world where the market is global, organizations leverage the power of machine learning, and an ever-growing number of daily living or specialized products feature internet connectivity (commonly known as IoT devices), the former definition of Identity no longer fits. The advent of IoT, cloud computing, automated workloads, and remote workers forces us to redefine Identity to encompass everything from bots, partner APIs, workloads, and vendors to contract workers, customers, and citizens. If an entity can be discretely identified with an ID and has a consistent set of attributes, it is now an identity to be secured. 

The dynamic nature of doing business in a global marketplace demands a real-time view into access, risk, and behavior if you are to achieve security and compliance.  Even digital identities such as workloads or data, APIs, and IaaS necessitate consistent identification and monitoring of access and activity to assure that every type of identity only accesses the right resource at the right time.

Built on a Foundation of Innovation

Saviynt pioneered Identity 2.0, an innovative solution that converged identity governance, granular application access, cloud security, and cloud privileged access to draw the security perimeter at identity. Identity 2.0 changed the way the industry saw identity. Integrated analytics and machine learning provided the industry’s first view into peer-based risk analysis for access requests and certifications. By wrapping Identity Governance around Application Access, Data, Infrastructure, and Privilege Access Saviynt presented organizations with the most innovative, all-encompassing identity solution available. Industry analysts such as Gartner and KuppingerCole took notice. 

Identity 3.0: The Next Generation of Risk-Aware Identity

Identity 3.0 harnesses the vast amount of data from identities, risk, and entitlements and leverages powerful analytics to gain value. Saviynt augments the capabilities of our Identity Governance Platform with the Identity Risk Exchange and Identity Insights in our identity data lake, the Intelligent Identity Hub. Within this hub, Saviynt’s platform consumes, exchanges, and analyzes risk information by pulling data points that once were separate into a single interface, eliminating silos and streamlining security. It takes the scale, velocity, and compute of the cloud to provide this next generation identity solution.

Identity Risk Exchange

Saviynt’s breadth of integrations amalgamates multiple data sources to improve risk calculation accuracy and understand the full risk posture of any identity.  With connections to more than 20 major risk providers, including the top 5 SIEM and top 3 vulnerability management solutions, Saviynt unifies risk signals from these sources to create a multi-dimensional risk model that views user risk, asset risk, and predictive risk. To ensure no asset is left, behind Saviynt automatically discovers new assets and identifies Shadow IT, bringing these into the ecosystem for unparalleled visibility and management through a single pane of glass. These automations lower the human resource cost required to manage compliance and maintain a strong security stance.

Identity Insights

Saviynt has the largest cloud-based identity store in the industry, with over one million identity associations. This vast amount of data helps Saviynt gain significant insight into the maturity of our customer’s IAM solutions.  Saviynt’s Identity Insights combine peer data with advanced statistical modeling to create recommendations and identify areas of remediation in your ecosystem. These insights help to benchmark an enterprise’s IAM maturity with respect to peers and help target areas for improvement, such as slow SLAs on certifications or longer than average birthright provisioning.  With Identity Insights, Saviynt helps organizations actually understand what they should concentrate on next with their Identity program. 

Now and Tomorrow

Saviynt’s platform is the identity foundation for your organizational security, agility, and continuing transformation.  When new technologies impact your business, we are there, expanding the identity governance ecosystem and ensuring your enduring security, visibility, and compliance.  Saviynt’s consistent adherence to industry standards and certifications is part of our commitment to ensure we are embedding the security into our solution which organizations can trust.

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