Taking a moment to reflect on Saviynt’s scoring in Gartner’s 2017 Critical Capabilities for IGA

Yash Prakash

Yash Prakash


Taking a moment to reflect on Saviynt’s scoring in Gartner’s 2017 Critical Capabilities for IGA

It’s been about six years since we launched our award-winning IGA solution, and the recent validation that comes with scoring at the top of a Gartner report is a testament to the focus and dedication that our team has put into a product that is redefining the expectations of a complete IGA solution.

As stated by its title, the report walks through the most critical capabilities that must be considered when reviewing an IGA solution. Each organization should derive its own set of requirements, and this report serves as an essential guidepost in completing any list. The report analyzes 11 critical IGA capabilities including Identity Life Cycle, Entitlements Management, Access Requests, Policy and Role Management, Access Certification Fulfillment, Auditing, Ease of Deployment, Scalability, and Performance.

Just to point to a few, in particular:

  • Entitlements Management is a feature that is crucial to capture, organize, and assign ownership of permissions that control access to critical business applications and systems. The ability to consume complex multi-level authorization models and enrich entitlements that it is meaningful for business users is essential.
  • Access Certification is another critical area that we have seen many opportunities to significantly improve the processes. By adopting risk-based, event-driven micro-certifications, it is now possible to eliminate rubber stamping and with the help of analytics, you could empower managers and resource owners by offering better decision-making tools.
  • Ease of deployment is another important aspect that contributes heavily to overall Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of an IGA solution. The ability to quickly install and configure the product to meet your requirements is often a significant effort and the adoption of Cloud and DevOps can help accelerate this. Check out the report to see how it analyzes all of the capabilities.

As our customer count grows and as our experts integrate more real-world use cases into our product’s requirements, the power of Saviynt’s Security Manager platform continues to progress. When I worked at Salesforce.com years ago, we often touted the benefits of multi-tenancy and the democratization of software. The ability for a platform to upgrade continuously and offer all of the subscribers of the platform access to the latest and greatest features is allowing us to not only continuously offer solutions for more and more use cases but also to more easily cater to the most demanding IT environments.

Today’s security architecture is complex, to say the least, and the ability to control who has access to what, while being able to effectively allow people to get the access they need, is no longer a wish-list item, but a basic requirement. Cloud-based applications, Cloud-based data, and Cloud-based infrastructure are either adding to or replacing much of the legacy out there, and companies should be able to run ‘business as usual’ as they migrate. The need to enforce rules, policies, and controls based on machine learning, whether they are for Segregation of Duty management or access certification or a host of other scenarios, allows security teams to meet compliance requirements effectively and efficiently and empower business users at the same time.

The IGA 2.0 experience is something that we are proud to be leading, and this Gartner report gives any organization the right tools in determining the right IGA solution to deploy. Get your complimentary copy here, and let me know if you’d like to discuss any of it with us.

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